Friday, September 15, 2017

My Experience with Linzess (Prescription Pills for IBS)

First of all, I'm not a doctor (and don't play one on TV).  So if you have a medical issue, be sure to see your physician.  This is my own personal experience regarding IBS and Linzess.

Warning:  I will be talking about poo.  So hang on to your "oh shit" handles and come along for the ride.

Before I tell you about my experience with Linzess, I want to tell you about the battle I went through prior to taking it.  I've suffered with severe stomach problems for close to 20 years now.  I noticed it not long after I had my gall bladder removed (some people say the two are linked).  I could go three weeks without pooping, and my stomach was so round and hard it looked like I was ready to give birth.

Mind you, I've never been a skinny girl.  But being asked when I'm due is a blow to the ole' self-esteem.  I mean, I guess you could say I was pregnant.  I felt like I was due with ten turd babies that were clinging for dear life.
my insides "before"

When it was time to take a deuce, it wasn't a normal routine.  It was an all out death match.  I'd get super clammy and have cold sweats.  Goosebumps would form on my arms, and I'd double over in abdominal agony.  And there was no waiting.  When the Turds of Torment decided to finally come out, it was a NOW OR NEVER situation.  I can't tell you how many times I've stopped at the side of the road on an interstate and ran into a ditch to poo.  Or how many times I've begged my husband to stop at a stranger's house so I could run into their bathroom, then explain details later.  (He never would!)  I'm no stranger to hospital visits either.  There never was much they could do, but the pain meds were enough to get me through at the time.  My mother passed away in April 2016 from a small bowel obstruction. (That was enough to scare the shit outta me!)

At any rate, I've went to doctors and was finally been diagnosed with IBS and borderline Celiac disease.  I started taking Digestic Herbal Supplement in 2016, after I had been given a bottle for review.  It is amazeballs but was costing me $40 a month.  A little too steep for my pocketbook!

Fast forward to earlier this year:  The gastrologist put me on Linzess, which are prescription pills for IBS treatment.  It's been my miracle drug.

Linzess comes available in three doses, and I take the highest one.  I take one pill a day half hour before supper.  Since taking the pills, I don't have problems "dropping the kids off at the pool".  I still don't dookie every single day but I'm much more consistent.  All the agonizing symptoms have gone away.  I no longer feel like I'm dying a slow death.  Granted, I can hear my food digesting somewhat loudly after I eat but I'm all good with that cuz I know it's not gonna get stuck in my insides.  Sometimes the poo isn't solid; There's days when it's the Hershey's Squirts.  But it's not so sudden that I can't walk, rather than run, to the nearest restroom.

I have a fairly decent insurance plan so it costs me $13 for a 30-day supply of Linzess.  According to the papers, insurance saves me over $400.  If you have good insurance and struggle with IBS, I highly suggest that you talk to your doctor about Linzess.  If it does anything for you like it does for me, your gut will thank you.

my insides "after"

Do you suffer from IBS or Celiac disease?
Have you ever taken Linzess?  Or, what steps do you take to relieve the symptoms?


Sue Hull said...

I do have IBS w/constipation.It started after I had my gallbladder removed too.Mine isn't as bad as yours.The Dr gave me amitriptyline for my stomach spasms which helped the ibs and a spastic duadenum,something to do with my GERD. I have to drink coffee and have a few fruit a day to stay regular. Thank you for this post.My daughter suffers with it too. I'm going to tell her about this. Have a good weekend ☺

mail4rosey said...

I'm so happy you're on the right track now! It's so frustrating when we have any kind of issue. I had another type of problem, and thought it was just aging causing it. When I finally got it 'fixed' my life was so much easier again!!

An Apel a Day said...

That is good you're on some meds. Side effects are annoying. I have side effects from my inhaler.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad you have something that is working for you. I have IBD, a lot different from your illness but the same in some ways. I have to have biologic infusions to the tune of $5,000 every 8 weeks. $13 sounds like a real bargain!

Unknown said...

It will change your life ,if you are suffering from days of not going ,please ask your Dr about Linzess!!

Jillie 35 said...

IBS seems to be the diagnosis for everything GI that they're struggling to figure out . It’s a dangerous drug,, I suffer more from diarrhea than constipation. I’ve been sick since July 202@ when I received my 2nd they can’t find a thing wrong with me. I suspect it was the vaccine. 8 months of severe nausea with no vomiting, diarrhea, numerous change in bowel habit, stool, color and shape. They can find nothing wrong with me. I even look unhealthy an$ sick. wTF