Monday, October 9, 2017

Ecuador Mission Trip - Beauty Treatment Plant

Jason and Tracie with the team-building sticks we didn't end up using

On our first full day in Ecuador we visited Planta de Tratamiento Bellavista, which I believe translates to Beauty Treatment Plant (don't quote me on that though).  It's where we were first introduced to dying a slow death from the thin air and high altitude.

Other than our lungs begging for air, it was a beautiful place and the scenery at the top of the hike was absolutely worth it.

During the hike Oscar (Pan de Vida organizer) explained the history of Quito, then and now.  He also showed us how to take Eucalyptus leaves and smash them up in the palms of our hands to get a cooling, menthol scent that opened up the lungs.

Once we were at the lookout point we had a beautiful view of almost the entire city, with mountains as the backdrop.  We spent time in ice-breaker exercises, in group prayer, and in reading the Bible. It was very serene and spiritual.

Oscar giving us the history of Quito

me and Jason