Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ecuador Mission Trip - Hostel

Jessica, Arianna, and Wilmer

While on our week-long Ecuador mission trip, we stayed at a hostel that works in connection with Pan de Vida.  While there, we had a host family that cooked for us and made sure our needs were met.  Jessica was very quiet but kind.  Wilmer is an amazing cook and works a side job as a sous chef.  And, baby Arianna was the sweetest thing ever.  I swear, I didn't hear her cry once. 

The couple and their baby do not live at the hostel but stay there when mission trips arrive.  Before we left, our group donated a bunch of toiletries and clothes to the family.  They were very grateful.  Jessica gave each lady in our group a piece handmade by her mother.  I received a beautiful green and gold scarf.

Jason hanging out in the living room

 There were four bedrooms with bunks.  All the men stayed in one room, while the ladies split the other three rooms.  Men and women, even couples, were not allowed to sleep together.  As much as I love sleeping with Jason, I had a fun time giggling and dishing dirt with the three girls I bunked with.  It was like sleepaway camp.

my bunk room (I slept on the bottom of the right bunk)

The hostel was located inside a gated courtyard, so it was safe and secure from outsiders.  Oliver (who we aptly named Rufus) was the hostel guard dog and let us know anytime anyone was nearby.  Oliver had a mean bark but I'm not sure he has any bite.  He's about as nice as they come.

Rufus Oliver

What?!! I'm pretty sure they had boogies in their noses.  I was there to help out.

A chalkboard in the kitchen was listed with each of our names, and by day two, had nicknames for each of us.  I was nicknamed Sweetie (which most would die laughing at!).  Jason was named Tonto (Lone Ranger reference).  It was all fun and games until we learned that Tonto means Dum Dum in Spanish!

one of our supper meals

Breakfast was always very light.  Juice was made by blending fresh fruits together (delish) and the milk for cereal was warmed up in a coffee pot (not so delish).  The suppers were amazing though.  I had the best lasagna of my life there.  We ate our fair share of rice!  I can see why Wilmer is a sous chef.  That guy can cook. 

The girls stayed up late the last three nights to put together a 1000-piece puzzle of kittens.  We weren't leaving till that thing was done.  Mission accomplished!


Lauren said...

It sounds like such a great trip. And yay for having a sous chef cooking for you. The juice sounds so amazing!! Yum.


Jana Leah B said...

I love that you ladies stayed up giggling.

Sue Hull said...

It sounds like you & Jason had a fun trip. I think sweetie fits you perfectly. The food looks good. What a beautiful family.