Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ecuador Mission Trip - Roman Catholic Church

It wasn't all work and no play while we were on the mission trip.  One of the activities we did as a group was visit a Roman Catholic church that is over 300 years old.

We each paid $2 to gain entry and take a self-guided tour of the church....while service was going on!  Awkward.

The place was very large and along the pews were several statues of saints.

I know it's different strokes for different folks, but I found it oddly strange that people were paying tribute to the saint statues by leaving lit candles and flowers.  As a Christian, I don't believe in praying to intercessors.  But, to each their own.

There was one room that was considered "the holy of the holies".  I strolled right in and took pics.  Which, apparently, was a big no-no.  The room was off-limits and cameras weren't allowed in.  What, I don't read or speak Spanish!  Oopsie doopsie.

Although I'm not a Roman Catholic, it was an interesting tour and the place itself was very beautiful and grandeur.


Sue Hull said...

I was raised a catholic until I saw the light of Christianity.That's one thing I thought was just plain ridiculous praying to these statues.I last 4 months in a catholic school.I hated it and those nuns were just plain mean.That church is a beautiful building.

Rose-Marie said...

This looks like a beautiful church. I'm surprised they don't tell you ahead of time what not to do. Sounds like a good mission trip!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always find churches like this fascinating. This one is beautiful. I would have probably taken photos of the no-no room too.