Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Idea of the Day: Little Red Riding Hood

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Still getting ready for Halloween? Little Red Riding Hood is a classic costume idea with fun for the whole family - but what Grandma told you about Little Red Riding Hood was WRONG!  That's why our friends at COSTUME SUPERCENTER have set the record straight with this INFOGRAPHIC of FIVE FUN FACTS from versions of this much-told tale to share:
In the original version from 1697, Red Riding Hood is eaten by the wolf
The Grimm Brothers' version was called Little Red-Cap.
The oral version originated from the Middle East in the First Century.
Roald Dahl's version has Little Red Riding hood wearing a wolf-skin coat in the end!
Another version ends with the Huntsman rescuing both Red Riding Hood and grandma from the belly of the beast.

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood makes a great family costume, with four characters - our heroine, the wolf, grandma and the huntsman - perfect for any age!

Which of these facts did you find most interesting?
What costumes from Costume SuperCenter would you wear for Halloween or another special event?


Kaycee said...

Those are really cute costumes! Love that the whole family did it! LOL

Holly said...

Love the family themed idea- The first version of this fairy tale is so violent! eek ;)

Peggy said...

I did not realize there were so many versions of the story. I love the costumes. I live the red cape version.

jjmon2012 said...

This one I always liked and have used before

Roald Dahl's version has Little Red Riding hood wearing a wolf-skin coat in the end!