Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Thirty-One Homecomings

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Halloween-themed spread

What started off as one Thirty-One party turned into a chain reaction.  I've been to three of the in-home bag parties in the last couple of months and have another to attend in December.

The last one I went to on Sunday had an impressive spread of Halloween-themed food, including a "puking" pumpkin.  When I had my party, I was lucky to have store-bought cupcakes to serve.

Me with Uncle BJ and Curt.  

My Uncle John passed away unexpectedly last month.  He had no desire for a service of any kind, so no one really got a final goodbye.  Saturday I did get the chance to see my other two uncles for a "celebration of life" in remembrance of my Uncle John.  It was nice reminiscing of a great man, and catching up with family I hadn't seen in years.  Although, it'd be nice to get together with the entire family (immediate and extended) for something other than a person's death.  Just sayin'.
I spy with my left eye......

I saw some things I've never witnessed before when I went to Ecuador.  One of them had me rollin'.  Driving by, I noticed a black dog hanging out in a hole in the wall.  He'd look left, then right, perfectly content watching traffic.

Emma had Homecoming last weekend.  She chose to go it alone and hang with her gal pals.  She had a good time though.  It's hard to believe she's our youngest, yet she's a Sophomore.  *Parents, hug your kids a little tighter.  The years go by way too fast.*

Do you decorate for Halloween?
Have you ever attended a Thirty-One party or purchased from the company?
What's your randomness for the week?


Andrea Nine said...

Emma looked beautiful in her Homecoming attire. so sorry about your uncle. That spread is looking mighty delicious, wish it was on my table, lol!!

messymimi said...

My condolences for the sudden loss of your uncle. You are right it's better to get everyone together for a happy reason than to wait for a loss.

Your daughter is lovely!

Holly said...

Emma is beautiful! I love all of those Halloween treats. I have to admit I always love a theme so when I am entertaining this time of year, I bring out some fall and/or halloween themed foods- like a pumpkin shaped cheeseball and caramel apple martinis :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle!
Your daughter looks so pretty ♥
The dog hanging out of a hole would have cracked me up too :)
Yes, we go all out for Halloween. I love this time of the year. It's my favorite!