Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Six Flags HalloWedding - The Scare-amony

Screenshot of article on ABC News

No one ever accused our family of being normal!  And there was no reason to try to be when Jason and I renewed our vows Saturday.  Not only did I "remarry" the love of my life, I also witnessed my daughter get married to the love of her life.

with our officiant

Me and Jason with the other two couples who share an anniversary with us

Of the 13 couples who renewed their vows, there were two other couples besides me and Jason who were married fifteen years ago on the same stage at the same time.  It was great connecting with them and seeing how their lives have been since they were first married.  

A handful of people commented that they could tell who the renewals and the marriages were.  The people renewing their vows were chillax and loosened up.  The ones getting married were all nervous and serious.

Saying our "I boos" in this frighteningly fun way is a highlight of my life!


Holly said...

Wow- this looks so fun!! Congrats again :)

Samantha said...

This is so cool!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

This is the coolest wedding ever! Congrats to both you and your daughter!

Sue Hull said...

That's so awesome that your daughter and son-in-law were married with you & Jason.You all look boo-tiful 🎃

Jana Leah B said...

This is so cute & it's great that you all share the same anniversary now.

Renee said...

I watched the news piece about this--I can't believe your daughter and son in law won a free wedding and a free cruise to the Bahamas too! Can they come play the lottery for me please????