Saturday, October 21, 2017

SixFlags HalloWedding - The Reception

I know you're probably tired of seeing pics from my vow renewal but, guess what, I'm not!

Six Flags was kind enough to hold a reception for the newlyweds, people who renewed vows, and everyone's guests.

Each couple had their own individual cakes with choice of bottle of champagne or sparkling juice (I went for the champagne!)  

Women who were newly married had black bouquets, and the vow renewal gals had purple flower bouquets.  

with my niece and great-niece

I sent what was left of our wedding cake home with my son to take in the house since I wasn't going home that night.  It made it as far as the front yard before the entire thing slipped out of the box and made a fantastic mess in my front yard.

Six Flags also gave each couple two free general admission tickets and passes for entry to their five haunted houses.  Guess where I'm going next weekend!

Man, I love this Halloween stuff.


John Smith said...

Great cakes!--although I usually like my cakes without spider!

Jana Leah B said...

Love those cakes. Bet this was so much fun.

mail4rosey said...

Ah that will be a fun visit. I'm glad you are having fun. The pics are awesome. Bummer though that the cake fell splat. ;)

Sue Hull said...

My niece is 9 and she said that's really cool.It looks like fun.

Renee said...

Not tired of seeing pics--I think this was a fun, unique occasion and I love reading about it. I wish my family was into Six Flags as much as yours!

Theresa Mahoney said...

So lovely you all got your own cakes. Sorry to hear yours had a terrible ending though. Have fun at the haunted houses!