Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Movies and Conferences

Stacy Uncorked keeps us entertained with her Random Tuesday Thoughts weekly linkup.  Join along if you have a bunch of randomness.
Last Wednesday I attended a supper hosted by our church for ICOM missionaries.  The nine missions that we serve were given time to speak about their platform and a monetary donation was given to their cause.  Food was catered in by a local diner.  My favorite part was sitting next to Oscar, the guy who is the founder of Pan de Vida.  He's the one we worked for when I went on the Ecuador mission trip.  He flew in from Ecuador to Illinois to attend the event.

My mother's birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to do like last year and have the family together for a celebration, but it was colder than a polar bear's toenails.  So Adam and I went out there for a few minutes and ate Tiramisu and a cookie, then bolted.
My bathroom is finally fixed.  Roto-Rooter came out and dug up all my evergreen trees in the right side of my front yard.  So, now I have a big ole' pile of dirt.  Come to find out, the clean-out wasn't located there where they thought it was so all that was done for naught.  They brought in a backhoe and went through my chimney to get to the bathroom and clear out what was causing the problem.  Of all things, it was tree roots that were compacting my toilet!  
My oldest daughter, Shelby, is a local manager for Family Video.  She was given authorization to purchase 20 turkeys for donation.  Her and Jason went to Wally World and picked up the birds, then took them to the church.  The church had a dinner that evening and donated them to those in need.
shirt given to all attendees

I spent a couple of days over a weekend in November attending our church's annual Women's Conference.  We had almost 650 gals there listening to speakers and worshiping to music.  On that Friday night, there were areas with crafts, food, games, karaoke, and a photo booth.  
I've mentioned before that comedy films aren't usually my thing but I had to go watch A Bad Moms Christmas with my gal pals Saturday.  The first one had me rollin' so I knew this one was gonna be just as good.  It was oh-so-raunchy but oh-so-funny.
I'll leave you with this:

What's your randomness for the week?

One Christmas Bear - Children's Book Review and Giveaway

I received book for review from Tommy Nelson.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Book Overview:

Count the joys of Christmas with Christmas Bear and his arctic friends in One Christmas Bear, the new holiday-shaped board book for toddlers and preschoolers by Anne Vittur Kennedy.

My Review:

A perfect board book for the holidays, One Christmas Bear is told in rhyme.  With cute animal illustrations, each page spread has a numeric progression.  For instance, there's two funny foxes, three rabbits jumping, and four flying eagles.  Parents reading this book to their kids can reflect on the fun things that Christmas has to offer.  They can also go over number counts and point out the number of each item or thing featured.  This book is short, sweet, and full of holiday cheer.
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Holiday Savings: Cash Back Online Shopping with Hoopla Doopla

This post contains an affiliate link. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

Coupon Codes and Cash Back at Hoopla Doopla

A lot of people, including myself, do a majority of their shopping online.  Wanna know how to get paid to do just that?

HooplaDoopla.com is a legit company that offers a totally free membership with cash back opportunities through shopping at over 2000 popular online retailers - which is great with the holiday season upon us! The cash back is deposited right into your account.  It's a great way to save on  holiday shopping purchases (that extra cash can go towards a spa day to recover from the holidays and kick off the New Year!).

If you're shopping online anyways, why not get cash back and great money-saving deals in the process!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wild Zoo Train - Children's Book Review and Giveaway

I received book for review from Rowman & Littlefield.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Book Overview:

This zany Wild Zoo Train is off on a mysterious adventure! Choo-choo-choo goes the Wild Zoo Train. Ding-ding-ding goes the bell on the roof. Clickerty-clack go the wheels on the track. A zoo train full of children takes a mysterious turn into the wilds. As each train trip becomes more and more wild, curious children observe the whimsical world around them. Wild Zoo Train takes readers on a wild, animal-filled adventure through canyons, jungles, the arctic poles, and more!

My Review:

A hardcover book with cute and zany illustrations, Wild Zoo Train tells of two kids who happen up on a zoo train.  What they don't realize is that this train isn't going to your ordinary zoo.  It takes them on a journey to a canyon, the Amazon jungle, an African savanna, and Antarctica.  On each stop the kids encounter species who live in those particular regions.  

This book is short and fun, with wacky animal illustrations.  There is some repetition every few pages, describing how the wheels on the track go Clickety-Clack and the bell on the roof goes Ding-ding-ding.  After reading it a couple times, I think kids will get a kick out of memorizing the repetitive verse.  Take your kids all aboard the Wild Zoo Train!!
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Sausage and Sage Stuffing - Thanksgiving Recipe

I posted this recipe a couple years ago but wanted to bring it back again because it's a great dish for Thanksgiving.  I'm not one to usually gorge on stuffing but I can't say the same of this variety.  #NoControl
My son, Adam, is making this for our Thanksgiving meal this Thursday.

Sausage and Sage Stuffing

Brown 1 lb. Bob Evans Sage Sausage in skillet.  Drain sausage.  Place one stick of butter in same frying pan with 1 medium diced onion and 2-3 stalks of diced celery.  Sautee for approximately 8-10 minutes.  Add 1 tsp. thyme and 1 1/2 tsp. sage.  Add sausage back in and sauté for 2 minutes.

In large bowl, tear Italian or French bread into bite size pieces.  Add sausage mixture.  Pour in one 32 oz. box of chicken stock or broth.  Then mix in one beaten egg.

Spread everything out in a 13x9 greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour, 10 minutes.


World View: Seeking Grace and Truth in Our Common Life - Book Review

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Book Overview:

How could our world be different if Christians were recognized for not only speaking the truth, but also demonstrating mercy?  What would our lives be like if we reacted to our common culture with not just biblical facts, but also grace and compassion?

For more than 25 years, Marvin Olasky has offered this kind of viewpoint in his columns as the Editor-in-Chief of World Magazine, the leading news magazine written with a Christian perspective. In this collection of far-ranging columns, Olasky's commentary on world events and affairs, as well as his own personal interactions, encourages readers to respond with both grace and truth in every encounter.

A leading voice for standing for biblical truth in the public square, Olasky also believes Christians should incorporate the biblical virtues of humility, kindness, and mercy in all of life. His call for biblical values to include both truth and mercy makes his voice stand out in a world that often falsely divides those goals and settles for a poor imitation of the robust Christianity described in Scripture. These short and punchy columns offer readers a new way to consider challenges in today's world and shows them how to respond to any encounter biblically, but not hysterically, providing a wake-up call for the complacent, while also calming the frantic.
Learn more, read a sample, and purchase a copy.

About the Author:

Marvin Olasky is editor-in-chief of "World News Group," a distinguished chair in journalism and public policy at Patrick Henry College, and the author of more than twenty books, including "Compassionate Conservatism" and "The Tragedy of American Compassion." He and his wife, Susan, have four sons and five grandchildren.

Find out more about Marvin at http://stores.newgrowthpress.com.

Olasky pin2

My Review:

I've been to church most of my life.  What I wasn't taught until the current church I attend is that "It's about relationship, not religion".  In a nutshell, it means we can be can preach the Bible all we want and try to force our views until we're blue in the face, but that just makes us like the Pharisees.  God doesn't want organized religion; He wants personal relationships.

Although author, Marvin Olasky, has written several books World View is the first of his I've read.  This book features a compilation of columns written by Mr. Olasky throughout the years, from 1997 to 2016.  When Christians are attacked for their beliefs or morals, it is best to respond with a truthful but graceful voice.  Attacking back does no good.  The compilations in this book reiterate that.  Some of the topics covered are politics, abortion, and race.  I found World View to be very insightful and it got me thinking about how I present myself in certain situations.  I did find it hard to completely comprehend the author's views because I felt some of the sentences he used were not easy to discern.  I don't mind a book that makes me really think, but I sometimes get lost when words are too academic.  I liked this book and its overall concept, but glossed over some of the columns because I found them to be too scholarly. 

Olasky pin1

PUR attitude 2017 Holiday Sale - #purattitude

I will receive products in exchange for this post.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

PUR attitude is wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season in a big way this year! Everything at purattitude.com will be 50 percent off from November 22-28, 2017. Leave it to a safe beauty brand you can trust to offer a deal that 's better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday put together...

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows the brand’s standards for “Safe Beauty,” avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. PUR attitude products contain only safe beauty ingredients and are not diluted with water. More than 1,300 chemicals have been banned from the company’s lab, which adheres to strict EU standards. All formulations for the brand were developed by David Pollock, a beauty innovation chemist with more than 20 years of experience formulating products for some of the most recognized names in the industry.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

For the Kids: Santa's Hotline is Now Open

I received no product or compensation for this post.  This post is in partnership with PR firm.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Who needs stamps? Santa’s Hotline is back and now accepting phone calls from children of all ages. It is a great way to find out what the kids are looking for — or help parents keep kids busy while they shop for everyone's wish list. Connect with Santa of the 21st Century at 319-527-2680.

FreeConferenceCall.com has opened its annual "Santa's Hotline" to spread holiday cheer to millions of children around the globe with a no-cost voicemail to send gift wishes directly to the North Pole.
FreeConferenceCall.com, the most recognized conferencing and collaboration brand on the planet, lets kids call Santa using today’s technology. Today, the company announced the opening of its eighth annual "Santa's Hotline”, making it easy for millions of children around the world to call in holiday wishes straight to Santa.

The hotline is an international voicemail line for children of all ages to leave messages for the North Pole at no charge. Children in the United States can simply call Santa Claus from any phone at (319) 527-2680. FreeConferenceCall.com uses a dedicated voice mailbox that is a secure and easy-to-use system, allowing users to record private messages for Santa.

Nice News for These November Winners

A few of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn.

The winner of the Christmas Coloring Books giveaway is #24, Sue Hull.

The winner of The Glass Castle Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack giveaway is #44, LesleyfromWI.

The winner of the Macadamia Professional giveaway is #58, LesleyfromWI.

The winner of the Leap! Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack giveaway is #1, Peggy.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered.  Be sure to check out and enter my currently active giveaways, listed at the top left hand side of my blog.  There's no limit to how many you can enter or how many you can win. (just ask LesleyfromWI!)

Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women - #AdoredByGod #FlyBy Review and Giveaway

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Book Overview:

Help young women tackle the issues they're facing, while learning how precious they are to God! Each daily entry features a Scripture verse; relevant devotion on topics including bullying, social media, friendships, and dating; journaling space for reflection; and real-world applications to help them find God in their hearts and lives. Ages 13 and up.

My Review:

I have a blended family of six kids.  All of them are teenagers and above right now.  We've gotten through the early years and are now navigating the waters of being a teen and young adult.  Each generation has their battles with how to get by in this world, and this generation is no different.

I'm extremely blessed (not bragging, but for sure blessed) that I've had minimal problems with my kids once they reached the teenager years.  I believe a lot of it has to do with arming the kids with the truth of God's word and supporting them through both achievements and trials.  It's books like Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women that I'm in favor of giving to our kids because they focus on their age group and give them hope in a time of peer pressure and negativity.

Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women is a devotional specifically geared for female teenagers and young adults.  The hardcover book has a blue, white, and gold foil color theme.  Within the pages is a daily devotional for each day of the year.  It's not dated by exact dates of the calendar year but rather with Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and so on.  For each day, there's a Bible verse and a short devotion pertaining to that verse.  Several topics are explored, including modesty, truthfulness, sex, feelings and more.  There is a short lined section at the bottom for young women to journal their feelings or prayers for that day.  The only change I would make is to have a ribbon bookmark so you can immediately go to the next day's page without thumbing through.  It's a beautiful book that heeds excellent advice.  

If you go to Zondervan's landing page for this book, you can download and print a 7-day devotional portion of this book for free.

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The Glass Castle - Blu-ray Review

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Based on the best-selling memoir written by Jeannette Walls, Oscar® winner Brie Larson (2015, Best Actress, Room) and Oscar® Nominee Woody Harrelson (2009, Best Supporting Actor, The Messenger) star in The Glass Castle. Hailed as “one of the must-see movies of 2017” (Vanity Fair), The Glass Castle chronicles the adventures of a young girl growing up in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads. From the producer of The Shack and The Blind Side, the film also stars Oscar® Nominee Naomi Watts (2012, Best Actress, The Impossible) and Golden Globe® Nominee Max Greenfield (2013, Best Supporting Actor – Television, “New Girl”).

Chronicling the adventures of an eccentric, resilient and tight-knit family, The Glass Castle is a remarkable story of unconditional love. Larson brings Jeannette Walls’s best-selling memoir to life as a young woman who, influenced by the joyfully wild nature of her deeply dysfunctional father (Harrelson), found the fiery determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) and written for the screen by Cretton & Andrew Lanham, The Glass Castle features all-new bonus content including a behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted scenes, and is available on Blu-ray and DVD for the suggested retail price of $39.99 and $29.95, respectively.

9 Deleted Scenes
The Glass Castle: Memoir to Movie
A Conversation with Jeannette Walls
Making of "Summer Storm" by Joel P West
Scoring The Glass Castle
My Review:

I've always been a fan of Woody Harrelson and his strong acting skills.  He knows how to deliver in a movie and he was no different in The Glass Castle.  Based upon an autobiography of Jeannette Wells (which I'd love to read someday), this film platforms family dysfunction at top level.  Woody plays Rex, an alcoholic father who demeans and belittles his children.  Rose Mary, the wife, is too busy with her passions to pay any mind to the kids.  As sad as it is to see, it just goes to show how some children are raised in an unbalanced family. The children, including Jeannette, are shuffled from town to town so they can avoid the law.  After some time, Jeannette has had enough and tries to escape the situation.  The climax of the film is when Jeannette ultimately forgives for what's been done to her.

The Glass Castle switches from Jeannette as an engaged adult to scenes from her childhood.  I couldn't even begin to imagine the lunacy of her life.  The movie does an excellent job with its cast and character portrayals.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eight Faith-Based Organizations to Support This Holiday Season

It's during the holiday season that we are the most charitable.  But, if you're anything like me, you want to know that your money is going to a good cause and actually helping people.  Some not-for-profits have been reamed for using donated money to pad their paycheck or we find out that very little of the money given is actually going towards the cause itself.

I highly suggest you always research who you donate to before taking the leap, but I've compiled a list of eight faith-based organizations that are legit.  I've worked with them, either directly or indirectly.  I've personally met many of the leaders and partners.  I can say with confidence that these organizations are reputable.  Please consider donating to any or all of these organizations.  Their cause continues because of the help and prayers of supporters.

Pan de Vida

Love the Lou

Their mission is to develop hope and healing in north St. Louis, MO.  Volunteers turn vacant lots into gardens, rehab apartments, create businesses, and refinish storefronts.  These completed projects are then handed over to neighbors to build up community.  My husband and two teen sons have volunteered twice at Love the Lou.  While there, they mowed yards, cleared debris and planted a garden.

The Well House

Located in Quincy, IL, The Well House is a Christ centered program for women coming out of incarceration and/or drug treatment facilities.  It provides a safe place for the women to rebuild their lives.

Reach India

This organization provides disaster relief during floods and other calamities.  They also provide food and clothing for widows, provide medical care, establish children's homes, and drill new wells for fresh and safe drinking water.

Rapha House

Children at Rapha House receive a safe place to receive healing, counseling, education, job skill training, and the good news of Jesus.  Their mission is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.  The organization has three safe houses in Cambodia, Haiti and Thailand.
Love the Lou

CLTI Ivory Coast

CLTI Trains and supports over 100 local churches in Ghana.  Their purpose is to enable churches to develop leadership through extension classes, seminars, and resource materials for leadership development.  Each year seminars are held that include women enrichment, church growth, budget/finance, and strategic planning.

FNC Uganda

FNC Academy is a Christian-based school that provides hope for students through five pillars - financial, educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Fishers of Men

Another organization located in Quincy, IL, Fishers of Men provides housing needs for men so they can focus on their personal goals.  All of the men that come to stay are homeless.  My husband leads a Bible Study on Wednesday nights for those who are staying at Fishers of Men.

Pan de Vida

This organization is very near and dear to my heart.  It's the one I worked with when I went on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador in September.  I can't say enough about the people who work there or the founder himself.  Pan de Vida helps the less fortunate by serving over 19,000 meals every year, providing summer camps for unique children, and sending teams to repair family homes in need.

If money is tight or you want to use other resources other than money to support a charity or organization, reach out and see what you can do.  Donate your time.  Lift them up in prayer.  Volunteer.  Help.  Not just during the Christmas season, but all throughout the year.

Do you support any particular faith-based organizations?
What are some things you do to help others during the holiday season?

Pack These Baby Products When Traveling This Season - Giveaway

I received no products or compensation for this post.  This post is in partnership with PR firm.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.
Just like your everyday purse, diaper bag items need to be updated based on the season and that means being armed with the necessities. Sure, diapers and wipes are no-brainers, but what about the other secret weapons that should live in every diaper bag this traveling season?

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash – This product is the diaper bag essential that should be at the top of your list!  It is specially formulated for baby's sensitive skin.  The self-foaming application allows you to clean your baby without running a full bath and is great to use when you are away from home for a quick and easy clean-up.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – Diaper rash can strike at any time… and no one wants a cranky baby with a tender tush. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to the rescue! This decades-old diaper rash solution starts healing on contact and comes in three varieties –Classic, Maximum Strength and All Natural. This skin protectant and diaper rash ointment is a must for every diaper change.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Power of Prayer Thursdays - Week 96

Photo by Jenny Smith on Unsplash

I believe in a God that hears prayers and answers them. I've witnessed the miraculous gift of answered prayer. And, I want to pray for you. I've started weekly Power of Prayer post every Thursday. We are now on week 96. If you are needing prayer in an area of your life, please leave a comment and I'll commit to pray for your need or request. You can be as general or as specific as you like. Whether it be for healing, salvation, finances, emotions, or another area of life, I'd like to lift it up in prayer.

Exodus 33:19 
And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

KORRES Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

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3rd Annual Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop - Despicable Me 3 Blu-ray Giveaway

I will receive product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Christmas will be here before we know it!  Take your chances at winning several blog giveaways during the 3rd Annual Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.  Be sure to check out and enter all the giveaways (after you've entered mine, of course!)



Illumination and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment present Despicable Me 3 on Digital and Digital 3D November 21, 2017 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand December 5, 2017. The characters beloved by everyone – Gru, his wife Lucy, their three adorable daughters—Margo, Edith and Agnes—and the Minions provide hours of family fun in this heartwarmingly subversive comedy from Academy Award®-nominated producer Chris Meledandri (Despicable Me Franchise) and directors Pierre Coffin (Despicable Me Franchise) and Kyle Balda (Minions 1 & 2, The Lorax). Hailed as “the best Despicable Me movie yet,” by Ali Plumb of BBC Radio 1, with over $949 million in global ticket sales, Despicable Me 3 is the ultimate holiday gift, with almost an entire hour of exclusive bonus features including an all-new mini-movie, a never-before-released deleted scene, and much more!

 Illumination, the studio that brought you Sing, The Secret Life of Pets and the Despicable Me franchise, continues the adventures of Gru and his family in Despicable Me 3. After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker, “South Park,” Team America: World Police), the latest evil mastermind to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother — a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin’s despicable footsteps — the former super-villain rediscovers just how good it feels to be bad.

Academy Award® nominee Steve Carell (Foxcatcher) reprises his hilarious role as reformed criminal mastermind Gru, as well as his newly discovered twin, Dru. The all-star voice cast also features Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, Despicable Me 2), Miranda Cosgrove (Despicable Me 1 & 2, School of Rock), Steve Coogan (The Secret Life of Pets, Philomena), Jenny Slate (Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets), Dana Gaier (Despicable Me 1 & 2) and legendary singer and actress Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins).

Despicable Me 3 will be available on 4K Ultra HD in a combo pack which includes 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™, Blu-ray™ and Digital. The 4K Ultra HD will include all bonus features on the Blu-ray™ disc.


All-New Mini Movie — The Secret Life of Kyle
Minion Moments — Watch the Minions cause more hilarious mayhem with Gru
Deleted Scene — With intro by Dana Gaier, the voice of Edith
Character Profiles — The inside scoop on the most popular characters, from the actors who play them
The Making of Despicable Me 3 — A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie
Developing Dru — Behind the scenes character development of Dru
The AVL Files — Through the lens of the Anti-Villain League’s hi-tech database, this ultra secret, interactive surveillance briefing showcases all of the agency’s amazing creations and top agents
Freedonia Visitors Guide — Welcome to Freedonia! See all that the town has to offer with this interactive map. From its world class cheese, to its beautiful coastline, Freedonia has it all!
Despicable Me TV — Tune in for some fabulous fun with these Despicable Me 3 infomercials. Includes “Balthazar Bratt Action Figure,” “Bad Boy Bod by Balthazar Bratt” and “Agnes’ Super Cute, Incredibly Amazing Toy Sale.”
“Doowit” Sing-Along — Sing along with Pharrell Williams as the Minions plot their escape from prison
“Yellow Light” Music Video — Official music video by Pharrell Williams
Minion Mugshots — The Minions add to the long list of celebrity mugshots in their very own “rogues gallery.”
Wanted Posters — Have you seen these Minions wanted for various crimes?

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Wordful Wednesday - Grafitti

When we were in Quito, Ecuador on the mission trip I noticed a lot of grafitti.  From my understanding, it's encouraged to paint areas that would otherwise look desolate.  

I was amazed at a lot of the talented work.  Most of it was very well done.  There was some that was obviously done to vandalize property but the majority was artistic and interesting to see.  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Bathroom Done Went to the Dogs

Tuesday.  Nuff said.  Now go link up your randomness at Stacy Uncorked

reminds me of a funeral director

Jason officiated his first funeral last week.  Unfortunately, it was his grandpa's.  The guy was 90 and lived a good life so that's a plus.  Our church was kind enough to hold the funeral dinner for us afterwards.  We had baked ham, au gratin potatoes, cakes and pies, salad, and green beans.

Jason had a few suit jackets but not a full ensemble.  While we were in Iowa a couple weeks ago we went to the Stuff store (a high-end consignment shop that I've raved about a couple of times) and got him a full suit for $20.  Score!

Jason with his girls, Juliann and Allyson

A Man's Best Friend

Adam keeps telling me that he's going to take Helen to live with him when he gets a place that allows pets.  Love the dog, but I'm gonna hold Adam up to that promise.

Speaking of Adam, me and him went to the theater last week and watched Jigsaw.  If you're a fan of the Saw horror movie franchise you know what I'm talking about.  I'm not sure that it was a necessary movie to add to the franchise but it still held all the gore and mystery.

Just like many years before, I packed a shoe box for Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child campaign.  Usually, I pack up a box for an older girl.  But I chose to get gifts for a boy this year.  Here's hoping it makes some kid happy.

We've been in the middle of a shit storm (pun intended) this past week.  Ameren Gas contracted a plumbing company out to do some work and mark sewage lines.  It's been a freakin' fiasco ever since.  The plumbers did something wrong and screwed up our toilet or pipes.  At first the toilet was leaking.  Three days later it went into full flood mode.  Plumbers finally came back out and gave some crappy line (pun!) about how they're not sure it's their fault.  

Um, hello, our crapper worked just fine until y'all came out!  Good money it's your fault.  Any ole' how, Roto Rooter came out yesterday.  Still nothing fixed.  They're supposed to come back out this morning with a back hoe and will possibly be digging up my yard and tearing into my bushes.  I've had to rent a Rug Doctor (to the tune of $70) to clean up the bathroom mess and my towels have been through the washer umpteen times.  And, for now, we get to go to the great outdoors (otherwise known as our back yard) or the gas station down the street to pop a squat.  #OneBathroomFamily
So, there you have it boys and girls.

What's your randomness for the week?
Ever pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child?

Lovely Candy Company - Review and Giveaway

I received products for review from Lovely Candy Company.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Sometimes I get excited when I find out about new brands or companies that I hadn't known about before.  One of those times was recently with Lovely Candy Company.  

The Lovely Candy Company was founded in 2013, making it fairly new.  It started out with just licorice but has since expanded with other treats.  The candies contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or Trans fats.  In addition, they are natural and/or non-GMO, gluten-free.  

I know that a lot of people have adverse reactions to gluten and are cutting it from their diet. There's also those that have food allergies.  That's not the case with anyone in my family. With that said, we are not against consuming gluten-free or natural foods if we like the taste of them. 

The holidays are a time of sharing love, sometimes by the gifting or enjoying of sweets. The experts at The Lovely Candy Company are helping to spread the “Love-ly” and mark the arrival of the season with their line of delicious Consciously Crafted® candies – both at retail and online. The company has lately included two products to their rapidly growing line - Honey Gummy Bears™ and Dark Chocolate Honey Patties.

The new Honey Gummies are the first gummy candy that lists honey as its primary ingredient. They contain no gelatin and are peanut free. The gummies are available in assorted fruit and sour berry flavors and come in six ounce packages that retail for $4.99.  Each bag of Honey Gummies is resealable.  I always consider that an added perk.  The Honey Gummy Fruit Bears come in assorted flavors of cherry, lemon, apple, and orange to a bag and the Honey Gummy Sour Bears are cherry, strawberry, and blue raspberry flavors with a sugar coating.  Although they had a sour taste to them, it wasn't so extreme that my face would pucker up each time I ate one.  My teens and I have been eating them by the handfuls.  The bears are chewy and taste fresh.  Don't let the fact that they're made with honey hold you back.  I've never had gummies with honey before but I sure do like these!

The new Dark Chocolate Honey Patties are sweetened with, well, honey and contain only a few ingredients.  The three available flavors are:
§ Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles
§ Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles with Mint
§ Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles with Raspberry

Although I haven't tried the mint flavor, I did try the other two.  I'm not quite sure the what's or why's of each bag being different, but the Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles with Raspberry were individually wrapped and placed loosely in the bag.  The Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles were packaged up like a candy bar, with individually wrapped patties inside.  I personally liked the latter way of packaging better but it honestly doesn't make much of a difference to me as long as what's inside tastes good.  And, they sure did!   The dark chocolate coating with the thin, creamy middle is quite tasteful.

Food allergies shouldn’t limit your meal choices, no matter the season.  And that's why you should consider Lovely Candy Company to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Win It!

One person will win a Lovely Candy Company candy selection that includes:
Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles with Raspberry
Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles
Honey Gummy Fruit Bears
Honey Gummy Sour Bears

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA.*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Edushape Happy Kitten - Plush Toy Review

I received product for review from Edushape.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Although I have no desire to have a baby of my own (been there, done that) I love browsing baby selections for friends and family who are due with wee ones.

Whether you are a first time parent, grandparent or a friend searching for the perfect
baby shower gift, Edushape is here to help. Edushape, a company that focuses on learning and fun, has the cutest soft plush for young'uns - The Happy Kitten.

The Edushape Happy Kitten Plush is visually appealing with its red, gray, white, orange and blue colors.  The size of it is bigger than I expected, which I really like.  It's 10" long and is more than just a cute plush kitten.  It sharpens auditory sensory development and fine motor skills.  The tail has an orange teether ring, arms come together to hug, and there's a bell for sound.  If you pull one leg, the other will retract.  This plush is super cute, soft, and gives little ones a way to have fun while developing skills.