Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ecuador Mission Trip - The Restaurant


Mission trips aren't all work and no play.  Our group worked like gangbusters but were privileged to also see and tour some areas of Ecuador.  One of the nights we ate at a fancy restaurant.

entree dish with crawdads, shrimp, calamari, sea bass, and octopus

I'd like to say I remember the name of the establishment but I don't.  It was an upscale, open-roof restaurant in a seedy neighborhood.  

my meal

My main meal was pork bits, hominy, house salad, and potato cakes topped with plantains.  It wasn't overly exciting, but wasn't bad.

It is Ecuadorian custom to clean everything off your plate.  The entire group was swapping and passing food until all our plates were clean.

My husband and two others ordered the most expensive meal on the menu - roasted guinea pig!  (Yes, the same critter you can purchase at your friendly neighborhood pet store.)  Guinea pig is considered a delicacy in Ecuador.  The skin is taken off then it's roasted whole, till it comes out looking like a pissed-off bat.  FYI, there's not much meat on a guinea pig.

Someone else ordered young goat.  Lucky for them, it looked like any other meat.
flaming dessert

After gorging ourselves on main courses, we ordered and shared desserts.  One of them was an ice cream dish that came out in scorching flames.  

It was all definitely a dining experience, if anything!


Renee said...

That is the most TERRIFYING picture of food I have ever seen, hands down. I knew that some cultures ate Guinea pig, but I've never actually seen one cooked. Nightmares!!

Mimi N said...

YUM! I love plantains! I have YET to eat guinea pig. They love it in Peru, too, but I can't bring myself to do it. hahahaha