Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eight Faith-Based Organizations to Support This Holiday Season

It's during the holiday season that we are the most charitable.  But, if you're anything like me, you want to know that your money is going to a good cause and actually helping people.  Some not-for-profits have been reamed for using donated money to pad their paycheck or we find out that very little of the money given is actually going towards the cause itself.

I highly suggest you always research who you donate to before taking the leap, but I've compiled a list of eight faith-based organizations that are legit.  I've worked with them, either directly or indirectly.  I've personally met many of the leaders and partners.  I can say with confidence that these organizations are reputable.  Please consider donating to any or all of these organizations.  Their cause continues because of the help and prayers of supporters.

Pan de Vida

Love the Lou

Their mission is to develop hope and healing in north St. Louis, MO.  Volunteers turn vacant lots into gardens, rehab apartments, create businesses, and refinish storefronts.  These completed projects are then handed over to neighbors to build up community.  My husband and two teen sons have volunteered twice at Love the Lou.  While there, they mowed yards, cleared debris and planted a garden.

The Well House

Located in Quincy, IL, The Well House is a Christ centered program for women coming out of incarceration and/or drug treatment facilities.  It provides a safe place for the women to rebuild their lives.

Reach India

This organization provides disaster relief during floods and other calamities.  They also provide food and clothing for widows, provide medical care, establish children's homes, and drill new wells for fresh and safe drinking water.

Rapha House

Children at Rapha House receive a safe place to receive healing, counseling, education, job skill training, and the good news of Jesus.  Their mission is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.  The organization has three safe houses in Cambodia, Haiti and Thailand.
Love the Lou

CLTI Ivory Coast

CLTI Trains and supports over 100 local churches in Ghana.  Their purpose is to enable churches to develop leadership through extension classes, seminars, and resource materials for leadership development.  Each year seminars are held that include women enrichment, church growth, budget/finance, and strategic planning.

FNC Uganda

FNC Academy is a Christian-based school that provides hope for students through five pillars - financial, educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Fishers of Men

Another organization located in Quincy, IL, Fishers of Men provides housing needs for men so they can focus on their personal goals.  All of the men that come to stay are homeless.  My husband leads a Bible Study on Wednesday nights for those who are staying at Fishers of Men.

Pan de Vida

This organization is very near and dear to my heart.  It's the one I worked with when I went on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador in September.  I can't say enough about the people who work there or the founder himself.  Pan de Vida helps the less fortunate by serving over 19,000 meals every year, providing summer camps for unique children, and sending teams to repair family homes in need.

If money is tight or you want to use other resources other than money to support a charity or organization, reach out and see what you can do.  Donate your time.  Lift them up in prayer.  Volunteer.  Help.  Not just during the Christmas season, but all throughout the year.

Do you support any particular faith-based organizations?
What are some things you do to help others during the holiday season?