Friday, November 10, 2017

Good Bet I Won't Be Getting Surprise Flowers Anymore

Thursdays are the busiest for my husband.  We don't see each other until I show up for evening service at church.  Even then, he's still at everyone's beck and call. 

When I showed up yesterday, he had a few minutes to talk about a situation going on at the church.  I thought the conversation was finished but noticed him giving me the side eye, like there was something else he wanted to say.  This is the conversation that ensued:

Me:  Is there something else you wanted to say?

Jason:  Hmmm, well, um, yeah.

Me:  Yes???

Jason:  How'd you like the flowers?

Me:  Flowers?

Jason:  The flowers on the kitchen table.

Me:  Didn't know there were flowers on the table.

Jason:  That explains why you didn't say anything about them.

Me:  Still confused.

Jason:  I went to the store on my lunch break and bought a bouquet of flowers for you.  I took them home and put them in a vase, then set them on the table.

Me:  Are you for freakin' real?

Jason:  As real as it gets.

People, I've been having anxiety all week about my mother's upcoming birthday.  She would've been 69 on Thursday.  Jason knew I was geeked out about it so he bought me flowers to cheer me up.

Our house isn't big by any means.  There's no way I shouldn't have been able to see them.  I folded clothes on the table, for goodness sake!

Jason's always said that one thing he loves about me is my quirks and oddities.  Guess he can add this one to the list!  #MajorWifeFail


Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, I'm sure he understands! My husband bought me a huge sweeper and stuck it right in the walkway and I still managed to walk past it when I got home and didn't see it. Sometimes our minds just wander around and we miss the obvious. I'm sure you'll get many more flowers from your sweet hubby!

Renee said...

Maybe a giant balloon attached to those flowers would help next time? :)

Heidi J said...

That's sweet though! I'd love surprise flowers.

Julie Waldron said...

Awww.... That's so sweet of him :)

jjmon2012 said...

thank for the laugh! Have you ever been in the car and just gone on auto pilot. Then all at once its like where am I!