Sunday, November 26, 2017

I Survived Black Friday!

When you don't feel like looking good, you put on a festive Christmas hat.  All eyes will be focused on it!

Thursday night - 5 hours shopping and 1 hour eating
Friday morning - 5 more hours shopping
11 hours Black Friday!

Adam, George, me, Shelby, Alaina and Jessica in Wal-Mart

I'm not usually one to spend hours in stores and I definitely don't consider shopping a sport.  But I was a champ and gathered up with my peeps for some Black Friday deals.

There wasn't anything in particular I was looking for, and I'm happy with what I got.  With the exception of Menards (where I spent most of my money) it was pretty calm.  Even then, I didn't run into anything over-the-top.  

Alaina at Steak n Shake...her happy mood before the food came

Our worst experience was at Steak n Shake.  Me and Adam ordered food and it was pretty darn good.  Alaina's looked like it was noodles covered in ketchup.  It's not something I'd feed to my kids, even on a poor day.  The manager was kinda an asshole about it, so Alaina just didn't eat.

Pizza and hot dogs from Sam's Club was our Friday morning breakfast.

We hit up:
Five Below
Sam's Club

I don't hit up that many stores in one year, let alone one day.  I'm now an official Black Friday Survivalist!
Shelby and Alaina held my purse hostage.  Guess they thought I'd leave them otherwise.

Did you go shopping on Black Friday?  Find any good deals?


Shooting Stars Mag said...

You survived! sounds like a fun time. I haven't gone out on Thanksgiving in years now, but I did go out this past Friday with a friend and we checked out about five different places. It was fun and it wasn't as crazy on actual Black Friday.


mail4rosey said...

Congrats on surviving. :)

We had a not so great visit our last time at Steak N Shake too. It was our last visit to them, and we haven't returned (it's been over a year).

Shopping: I went to get milk, forgetting it was Black Friday. The policemen at the front and shrink wrapped pallets in the aisles were my big reminders. ;) So happy for self-checkout, lol.

Renee said...

I shopped from my laptop--much safer that way:)
We did go to Target at 10:00 that night, just out of curiosity. The store looked like it had been looted...

Renee said...

Your purse--which I love--reminds me of the characters in the movie Coco--which I also love :)

jjmon2012 said...

You could not pay me enough to get out there. Have not done black friday in years. This was also the first black friday that my nieces did go in over 10 years.