Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Bathroom Done Went to the Dogs

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reminds me of a funeral director

Jason officiated his first funeral last week.  Unfortunately, it was his grandpa's.  The guy was 90 and lived a good life so that's a plus.  Our church was kind enough to hold the funeral dinner for us afterwards.  We had baked ham, au gratin potatoes, cakes and pies, salad, and green beans.

Jason had a few suit jackets but not a full ensemble.  While we were in Iowa a couple weeks ago we went to the Stuff store (a high-end consignment shop that I've raved about a couple of times) and got him a full suit for $20.  Score!

Jason with his girls, Juliann and Allyson

A Man's Best Friend

Adam keeps telling me that he's going to take Helen to live with him when he gets a place that allows pets.  Love the dog, but I'm gonna hold Adam up to that promise.

Speaking of Adam, me and him went to the theater last week and watched Jigsaw.  If you're a fan of the Saw horror movie franchise you know what I'm talking about.  I'm not sure that it was a necessary movie to add to the franchise but it still held all the gore and mystery.

Just like many years before, I packed a shoe box for Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child campaign.  Usually, I pack up a box for an older girl.  But I chose to get gifts for a boy this year.  Here's hoping it makes some kid happy.

We've been in the middle of a shit storm (pun intended) this past week.  Ameren Gas contracted a plumbing company out to do some work and mark sewage lines.  It's been a freakin' fiasco ever since.  The plumbers did something wrong and screwed up our toilet or pipes.  At first the toilet was leaking.  Three days later it went into full flood mode.  Plumbers finally came back out and gave some crappy line (pun!) about how they're not sure it's their fault.  

Um, hello, our crapper worked just fine until y'all came out!  Good money it's your fault.  Any ole' how, Roto Rooter came out yesterday.  Still nothing fixed.  They're supposed to come back out this morning with a back hoe and will possibly be digging up my yard and tearing into my bushes.  I've had to rent a Rug Doctor (to the tune of $70) to clean up the bathroom mess and my towels have been through the washer umpteen times.  And, for now, we get to go to the great outdoors (otherwise known as our back yard) or the gas station down the street to pop a squat.  #OneBathroomFamily
So, there you have it boys and girls.

What's your randomness for the week?
Ever pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child?


messymimi said...

Any time the city hires sewer work done and it messes up a nearby home, the person has to be home and be able to take pictures and mark the exact time their home toilet went kablooie and show the workers were outside at that exact moment, and go to court with the evidence, or the city won't pay for it. My hope is that you can get your city to cooperate better.

You are perfectly right to insist your son take his dog with him. Our kids have moved into non-pet friendly places and i have two grand-cats living with me because of it.

Your husband really did score an excellent suit! Please accept my condolences for the reason he had to buy it, and i pray he has no similar reason to put it on again any time soon.

We have packed Christmas Child boxes in the past. Since my kids are all older and mostly not home, i tend to just send money instead. It's not the same, so i need to change that soon.

Happy Tuesday!

Yona Williams said...

Sorry to hear of your grandfather. I wish we had a store like that...$20 for an entire suit is such a good deal.

Renee said...

Sorry for the loss of Jason's grandpa. Glad to hear he had a long, good life though.

I can imagine the LAST thing you want to think about this close to the holidays is a broken toilet and mystery liquid on your towels...I hope they get your toilet up and running again very soon!

All I can think about when you mention Helen is the story you told about her long ago refusing to stop using the bathroom behind one of your chairs. I hope Adam is prepared for such drama ;)

MichelleCat said...

Woooo, I dislike it so much when you get something fixed and it ends up worse! Many prayers going out to you and your family; sounds like you had a rough couple weeks from the funeral to the toilet :-/

Jessica Cox said...

I hate it when something that you need tears up and makes a huge mess. It always seems to happen to me when I am super Busy and my kids are sick and everything is going wrong. It was one of the main reason we have Hardwood floors now instead of carpet.

jjmon2012 said...

I like the way different thoughts just kept popping out. Toilet problems are a major problem. If you are male the great outdoors works but females it is not so easy. Hope everything is all fixed and working now