Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Movies and Conferences

Stacy Uncorked keeps us entertained with her Random Tuesday Thoughts weekly linkup.  Join along if you have a bunch of randomness.
Last Wednesday I attended a supper hosted by our church for ICOM missionaries.  The nine missions that we serve were given time to speak about their platform and a monetary donation was given to their cause.  Food was catered in by a local diner.  My favorite part was sitting next to Oscar, the guy who is the founder of Pan de Vida.  He's the one we worked for when I went on the Ecuador mission trip.  He flew in from Ecuador to Illinois to attend the event.

My mother's birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to do like last year and have the family together for a celebration, but it was colder than a polar bear's toenails.  So Adam and I went out there for a few minutes and ate Tiramisu and a cookie, then bolted.
My bathroom is finally fixed.  Roto-Rooter came out and dug up all my evergreen trees in the right side of my front yard.  So, now I have a big ole' pile of dirt.  Come to find out, the clean-out wasn't located there where they thought it was so all that was done for naught.  They brought in a backhoe and went through my chimney to get to the bathroom and clear out what was causing the problem.  Of all things, it was tree roots that were compacting my toilet!  
My oldest daughter, Shelby, is a local manager for Family Video.  She was given authorization to purchase 20 turkeys for donation.  Her and Jason went to Wally World and picked up the birds, then took them to the church.  The church had a dinner that evening and donated them to those in need.
shirt given to all attendees

I spent a couple of days over a weekend in November attending our church's annual Women's Conference.  We had almost 650 gals there listening to speakers and worshiping to music.  On that Friday night, there were areas with crafts, food, games, karaoke, and a photo booth.  
I've mentioned before that comedy films aren't usually my thing but I had to go watch A Bad Moms Christmas with my gal pals Saturday.  The first one had me rollin' so I knew this one was gonna be just as good.  It was oh-so-raunchy but oh-so-funny.
I'll leave you with this:

What's your randomness for the week?


messymimi said...

It's so good to be able to hear directly from the church missionaries, it gives you an idea of how best to pray for them and what else can be done to support them. It's been a long time since i've attended a women's conference, work always gets in the way.

My hope is your family can do something to remember your mother on Thanksgiving, and that you all have a marvelous time!

slehan said...

I need a good laugh so I think I'll take a couple of friends to see that movie.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love hosted suppers like that! It's so great to hear directly from the missionaries.

Sounds like a crazy time getting your bathroom fixed! That's one thing we have to keep an eye on here at our new (old) house, with the mature trees all around, keeping track of the sewer lines in case tree roots decide to interfere with the flow. Bet you're relived to finally have your bathroom fixed! Sorry about the trees and dirt, though. If they went through your chimney, did they annihilate that, too??

Love your photo booth fun! ;)

I'm jonesin' to see that movie - heard it's a great laugh! :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)