Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Glass Castle - Blu-ray Review

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Based on the best-selling memoir written by Jeannette Walls, Oscar® winner Brie Larson (2015, Best Actress, Room) and Oscar® Nominee Woody Harrelson (2009, Best Supporting Actor, The Messenger) star in The Glass Castle. Hailed as “one of the must-see movies of 2017” (Vanity Fair), The Glass Castle chronicles the adventures of a young girl growing up in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads. From the producer of The Shack and The Blind Side, the film also stars Oscar® Nominee Naomi Watts (2012, Best Actress, The Impossible) and Golden Globe® Nominee Max Greenfield (2013, Best Supporting Actor – Television, “New Girl”).

Chronicling the adventures of an eccentric, resilient and tight-knit family, The Glass Castle is a remarkable story of unconditional love. Larson brings Jeannette Walls’s best-selling memoir to life as a young woman who, influenced by the joyfully wild nature of her deeply dysfunctional father (Harrelson), found the fiery determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) and written for the screen by Cretton & Andrew Lanham, The Glass Castle features all-new bonus content including a behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted scenes, and is available on Blu-ray and DVD for the suggested retail price of $39.99 and $29.95, respectively.

9 Deleted Scenes
The Glass Castle: Memoir to Movie
A Conversation with Jeannette Walls
Making of "Summer Storm" by Joel P West
Scoring The Glass Castle
My Review:

I've always been a fan of Woody Harrelson and his strong acting skills.  He knows how to deliver in a movie and he was no different in The Glass Castle.  Based upon an autobiography of Jeannette Wells (which I'd love to read someday), this film platforms family dysfunction at top level.  Woody plays Rex, an alcoholic father who demeans and belittles his children.  Rose Mary, the wife, is too busy with her passions to pay any mind to the kids.  As sad as it is to see, it just goes to show how some children are raised in an unbalanced family. The children, including Jeannette, are shuffled from town to town so they can avoid the law.  After some time, Jeannette has had enough and tries to escape the situation.  The climax of the film is when Jeannette ultimately forgives for what's been done to her.

The Glass Castle switches from Jeannette as an engaged adult to scenes from her childhood.  I couldn't even begin to imagine the lunacy of her life.  The movie does an excellent job with its cast and character portrayals.