Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Heck Of A Christmas 2017 - Round 1: With the Kids

Logan helping make confections

Well, it's another holiday in the books.  Other than me having one private meltdown over missing my mom, everything went very well.  There was no drama and I made it a point not to stress over anything. 

We spent Christmas Eve Eve at our house, opening gifts with our six kids and a few others in the family.  We gorged on a feast of glazed ham, buffalo ranch chicken dip, cheesy potatoes, and dinner rolls.

Rahjae spoiling the heck out of Helen

Logan talked me into going to the store the night before to get stuff to make chocolate covered pretzels and Puppy Chow.  He hung around and helped me make the Puppy Chow but skipped out to spend time with his girlfriend after.  Guess who got stuck making the pretzels!

Shelby got to a booty whiff  from Trader Jimmy for Christmas.  Shelby wasn't grateful.

I received a nice selection of gifts, including pajamas, socks, picture frame, boots, solar lights and more.  Logan bought me a Columbia jacket.  I couldn't find it the next day so I searched hell and high water.  I even grilled the kids, asking if one of them took off with it.  Two days later I found my jacket....In the closet.  Where I had hung it.  The same night I got it. 
#GettingOld #LosingMyMind
Juliann and Emma with umbrellas they got as gifts.
I took the same picture on Juliann's phone....then dropped and shattered it!

After opening gifts, we watched ELF (twice!) and played card games.  
Of it all, my favorite was just spending quality time with the family.

Allyson and Emma with their gifts

How was your Christmas?


An Apel a Day said...

It looks like all smiles for your family.

My day was pretty good. Isaak (age 9) wanted a drone. I didn't get him that. He seemed upset he didn't get it. Oh well. I've heard from a lot of people that their kids play with it a few times, then it just sits in the box. Plus most are for ages 14 and up. He was a bit down. I'm sure he'll enjoy his Lego sets though.

rubynreba said...

Love the story about your jacket. Sounds like something I would do!

Renee said...

Can you believe that on Christmas Day our cat died? After we spent hours crying, my husband and I distracted the kids with Christmas movies, board games, and playing with new toys. Pretty sad Christmas, but we tried to focus on the more positive things, like spending time together.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm glad you were able to have the kids over for the celebrations. I am sure there was lot of laughs and love to go around. I'd totally do that with the jacket too. I've probably done it more times than I care to admit lol