Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My Experience at Santa's Magical Kingdom

The large town where I live used to have an Avenue of Lights.  It was very popular and very well organized.  Due to the lack of volunteers, it shut down last year.  So, to get our Christmas light fix this year, we traveled two hours to Santa's Magical Kingdom in Eureka, MO.

Santa's Magical Kingdom is located inside Jellystone Park.  It features three tunnels of lights, wooden prop displays, animations, and over one million lights overall.  Admission is $22 per carload, which is the route we took.  There is the option to take an express train ride or a wagon ride for different prices.

Traffic was backed up so far that police were directing traffic.  That part took hardly any time at all.  Once we got in, the first portion of the experience went rather smoothly.  Cars were in single file and there was something to see everywhere.  They definitely went all out!  

The second half of the light experience was the disaster.  Cars were put side by side.  We spent the better part of 40 minutes inching along, waiting for cars from one side or the other to pass through.  It was also much harder to see the displays because you'd have a car right next to you.  By this time, even the young'uns were ready to get it over with.

Harley, Ozzy and Faythe standing in front of a Nutcracker

Once you are finished with the light experience, you have the option to either exit or park and stop at Kringle's Store.  There, consumers can shop inside the little store for gifts and gadgets.  There's also a snack shop.  We didn't purchase anything there but it was a cute area, with some holiday decor.

Our entire group of fifteen surrounding Santa

The best part of the entire experience was being able to get photos taken with Santa.  We waited in line for a short while and were ushered into a private room.  Kids got to tell Santa what they wanted and three pictures were taken.  You got the choice out of those three options for what you wanted to purchase.  The base price was $18 for one sheet.

Some people have professional pics done during the holidays.  Me and Jason went with the Santa photo opp instead!

Santa's Magical Kingdom was a good experience for the most part.  I'm not sure that I'd go again only because of how the vehicles are ran through.  If the set-up was different in that regards it would definitely be a magical experience!


An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a fun place to be. I should have gone to a plant nursery here. They have live reindeer. It's fun!

Helga said...

Looks like it was worth the trip and price of admission!