Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Flossing Made Fun: New Challenge Encourages More Families to Floss in 2018

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Did you know:  More than 50 percent of consumers say their parents didn’t teach them how to floss and only one third of parents say their children floss every day?

According to a recent survey conducted by DenTek and Propeller Insights, the leader in oral healthcare, the brand uncovered surprising findings surrounding family flossing habits and dental hygiene including that eight-in-ten parents say their children would be more likely to floss if offered an incentive.

Just in time for 2018, DenTek is providing the reward families need with the 30 Day Family Floss Challenge and the chance to win an array of great prizes to motivate families to make flossing a part of their oral care routine including movie tickets and gift cards, with one grand prize redeemable for $2,500!

To kick off the challenge, the Eh Bee Family shared a custom rap video on their YouTube channel called “Floss Like a Boss” teaching parents about the importance of flossing, while inviting viewers to join the DenTek 30-Day Family Floss Challenge.

How to Enter: Entering is simple and easy! All you need to do is visit the DenTek 30 Day Family Floss Challenge site, download the calendar, take a family selfie with those super flossed teeth and post the photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and tag it with @Dentek #FamilyFlossChallenge – for a chance to win amazing prizes.


Amy D said...

This is fun and rewarding for kids and a great way to get the whole family involved. My daughters are bit too young to floss by themselves, and don't like when I floss their teeth. This may help them let me do it. Thank you.