Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - ROOTS Christmas

Jason with his Star Buddies

Our church has started a fairly new program called ROOTS (Reaching Out for Opportunities To Serve).  It pairs volunteers up with the special needs population and has them come together for activities.  The first ROOTS Christmas Program took place this December.

Jason and I attended this event and had such a good time.  Jason was paired up with two guys who kept him super busy.  I had Donna and Steve, who were a little more chill.

Me and Donna

The first thing everyone did was stuff our faces with pizza and Oreo cookies.  Then each volunteer helped their Star Buddies decorate boxes with wrapping paper and stickers.  I don't do very well in the crafty department but we ended up making a couple boxes that were nice enough.

volunteer helping decorate a box

Once a box was wrapped and decorated, we filled them with food.  Stuffing, gravy mix, cornbread mix, pumpkin dessert, and green beans were just some of what we put in the boxes.  One of Jason's Star Buddies was in a race with himself to see how many boxes he could decorate and fill.  And he laughed his heart out each time Jason would talk about "being kept busy on his feet".  

Santa and Mrs. Claus even made an appearance.  No one was excluded from sitting on Santa's lap and telling what they wanted.  The night ended with Christmas songs and dancing.

The boxes may not have been Pinterest worthy, but they sure had a lot of heart and soul in them.

The finished boxes were distributed throughout the community to needy families so they would have a decent meal to cook for the holidays. 

I honestly wasn't sure if the ROOTS program was my wheelhouse but I had an amazing time with my Star Buddies and am excited to see what the next event will bring.

Even the pastors believe in Santa!


An Apel a Day said...

Considering the fact that I have a nephew that has special needs I love this. Way to go for being a part of it!

Helga said...

What a wonderful program. Every church should be involved in a service like this.

Unknown said...

I like the spring, because it's nice to see all the plant-life come back.

Renee said...

What a terrific program. Looks like everybody involved had fun. You guys are so involved in volunteering and giving back. I am feeling inspired to do some volunteering of my own!