Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pink Zebra - Home Fragrance Review

Candles and home fragrance are staples in most people’s homes, and Pink Zebra is spicing up the home with its dazzling line of wax fragrances.  The versatility and simplicity of Pink Zebra make it one of the best and most unique home fragrance companies in the U.S. Pink Zebra has an inevitable opportunity for growth thanks to its responsible, renewable and sustainable product line. 

Custom glimmer candles, simmering lights, and Sprinkles scented beads are just some of the enticing wax products that are shining a modern light on the traditional, boring candle. 

My simmer pot is upside down in this pic!  This was a mistake when taking the pic.  I actually have it positioned correctly when in operation.  

Pink Zebra allows you to personalize your fragrance through their incredible, unique product line. In addition, you can make the business “Uniquely Yours,” through parties, events, social media, and a personal website.  Pink Zebra is a direct selling company that sells its products through a field sales force of independent sales representatives.  Consultant and Executive Director Karen Esposito introduced me to Pink Zebra. 

Pink Zebra gives you the ability to create personal fragrance and decor featuring easily blendable, premium wax Sprinkles and body-safe liquid Soaks. The company offers exclusively designed tiny wax bead Sprinkles available in 55 fragrances. Sprinkles are made with Signature Soft Soy wax, a high performing ultra clean blend of soy and paraffin wax. Their Soaks are blendable too.  You can spray, squirt or soak it into the air, on your body, and on Pink Zebra's exclusive Just Add Soaks products. Soaks are made from a clean, dye-free formula that is skin-safe and environment friendly.

Naked Reeds Set with bottle of Soaks

I received a Simmer Pot, along with choice of Sprinkles.  Farm House Cider was my choice of scent but it was hard to decide because there's so many that seem like they'd make my home smell lovely.  With the simmer pot, all you have to do is plug it in and add a small amount of Sprinkles.  A red light indicates that the pot is turned on.  I love the fragrance of the Sprinkles and my living room smells so inviting.  The Energizing Ginger Sprinkles are next on my list to purchase when my current ones run out.  

The Naked Reeds reed diffuser also provides pleasant fragrance in your home, when you add choice of Soaks to it.  By pouring Soaks into the reed diffuser, you are allowing the reeds to soak up the scent and it emits a nice smell to a small area.  The Soaks can also be sprayed into the air or on your body when you put the cap on it.

I am more relaxed when my home smells good.  I don't want to worry about whether it smells like garbage, food, or pets.  Pink Zebra gives me peace of mind because their home fragrances smell great without being overpowering.  Not to mention, their products are packaged in cute pink and white zebra patterns!

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.


Julie Waldron said...

I have a sample but I haven't tried it yet. I love the wax burners you have pictured. Thanks for the review!