Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - Monthly Iowa Trip

𝅘𝅥🎵Let me tell you bout my best friend🎵

My best friend and her family moved three hours away, to Iowa.  It's been seven months and, for each of those months, I've managed to make a trip up there at least once.  I almost missed out on February due to being sick but I came in strong at the end.  Jason and I headed up there Saturday morning and stayed overnight.

Don't try this at home!

We started out with shooting our bows in the house.  (Alaina's mom found out through Facebook and 'bout went into AFib.)  What the pictures didn't show is that we were shooting towards an open door and at a target in the garage.  It's the only way we could get an accurate 25 yards.

Beer Cheese Fries

Next we loaded up and headed to a few pubs in Cedar Rapids.  The first was Mulligan's where we ate Irish Fries, Boneless Wings, and Mozzarella Sticks.  Then we headed to The Quarter Barrel, one of the oddest mishmash eateries I've ever been to.  It's a brewery/arcade with a hipster/scrappy feel.  The food was definitely very different, but I liked what we had.  I had a large serving of the Beer Cheese Fries that are described as curly fries smothered in beer cheese featuring Leanna Irish Red Ale and topped with bacon bits.

While stuffing our faces, we also waxed nostalgic and plugged several quarters into a myriad of classic arcade games and pinball machines from our youth.  
Jason and Azra playing pinball and arcade games at The Quarter Barrel

As if that wasn't enough to clog our arteries, we then went to Beck's Taproom Grill to eat, drink and be merry.  Another couple joined us.  We started out with nachos and tenderloins, then topped it off with Death By Burger.  That monstrosity was a full pound of beef with bacon and dressing between two grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.  I was miserably stuffed by the time we were done.

Death By Burger

When we made it back to Alaina's we crashed ourselves on the couch and watched Daddy's Home 2.  Sunday morning was spent watching church service through streaming media.  Alaina also waxed my eyebrows, and cut and colored my hair.  Since she first started doing my hair almost two years ago, she's the only gal I'll go to now.  It's worth the three hour trip.

watching church service

I hate that I can't just hop, skip and jump to see Alaina now.  But, besides the drive, I have to admit I enjoy visiting Iowa every month and exploring new places.


Cathy Kennedy said...


Mmm, the fries from "Death by Burger" look good! I can go for some of those right about now. :p Oh good heaven don't give me an arrow and bow to shoot indoors even if the target is in the garage. I'd hit your sofa, wall, cat, dog, ... Nope, that won't work for me. lol My hair needs both a cut and color but I will stick with a cut only. Usually, when I color my hair it never turns out like I want so I have resolved myself to enjoy the strands of glitter. :) Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a good day!