Friday, March 9, 2018

A Few Of My Recent Fun Purchases

  I am a bargain hunter.  I get a natural high from finding cool things at great prices (or free!).  Here's what we've scored lately:

My oldest daughter and her husband are straight-up obsessed with Funko Pops!  They own close to 1000 of the collectibles.  I had only a couple in my possession and wasn't necessarily interested in starting a collection.  Well, I won a Dole giveaway and received ten Star Wars Funko Pops.  From there, it kind of took off.  Between me and Logan, we now own 28 of them.  That's nowhere near how many Shelby owns (and won't ever be!) but it's fun finding ones to add when they are on sale.

An older gal I go to church with makes beautiful wooden pieces and rag dolls.  When she posted this wooden sign on Facebook, I knew I had to have it.  It would have cost me $12 but I only had $9 on me at the time.  I've tried to pay her the remainder since, but she's declined.

Hy-Vee grocery store was having a great sale on Nabisco and Keebler cookies and crackers last weekend.  They were priced 5/$5.  My husband darn near pooped himself when he saw me walk in with 15 packages of snacks!

We went to the Stuff store when we were in Iowa.  Usually I go with my bestie, Alaina.  This time around, our husbands tagged along.  All was right with the world when Jason spotted a NuWave Oven, brand new in the box, for only $30.  They cost about $100 anywhere else, so it was a steal.

Boys and their toys!
Jason came home from GameMasters the other day with a Zombie Apocalypse crossbow.  He dignified the purchase by saying it was on sale.  I admit he got a pretty good deal out of it.  I suppose it'll come in handy if sh*t hits the fan and zombies take over the world.

This gun wasn't a purchase but rather a gift to my husband from a friend.  I've had a heyday with it.  The gun is designed to kill flies.   You pour table salt into the designated hole then shoot the flies by pulling the trigger.  To say I'm amused is an understatement.

Have you purchased anything fun lately?


Andrea Nine said...

Ha ha, what on deal on the cookies/crackers yep I'd be stocking up too!

Margie said...

Your new wave oven was really a bargain. I love bargains too, try never to pay full price.

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet said...

I love that beautiful wooden sign! So cute!

Jana Leah B said...

Wow, close to 1000 Funko Pops. That's a lot. It's fun collecting things.

Mia E. said...

I found a bag of matchbox cars for my grandson at a garage sale for $5. I am giving him one every time he visits.

Sue Hull said...

My granddaughter loves those Funko Pops.She has quite a few of them.That's a great deal on the snacks.I'd have a blast with the gun that kills flies.You guys got some great deals ☺

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hmmm... haven't purchased anything fun recently but I'm thinking about getting an air fryer!

Lauryn R said...

Wow, all of your recent purchases are awesome!! I wish I could find a deal like that on snacks at my local grocery store, my kids would have a hay day! :) I am also very interested in that fly salt-shooting gun, so cool!

SavingsInSeconds said...

I bought my NuWave oven from a friend who used it twice. We keep it in the camper and use it all the time. It's so handy! The only thing I've bought lately is some books at used book sales.