Thursday, March 8, 2018

Check It Out: A Mustard Seed Toys Magnetic Tile Giveaway

It's nearly spring, and Jenn at A Mustard Seed Toys thought it was a great time to do a magnetic tile giveaway since these toys have so many great STEM teaching opportunities.  These sets are great for teaching colors and sorting, or doing STEM building challenges.

A Mustard Seed Toys is doing this giveaway a little differently than others:

For this giveaway, everybody that enters can win! One grand prize winner will receive a princess castle, fire truck, and 40 piece sets. PLUS, you can also win by earning credits when your friends join. 

 In other words, there will be one grand prize winner and winners for referrals.  Just click the link to the giveaway and enter to win the grand prize. Then, share the referral link you get with your friends in Facebook groups, on Instagram, or anywhere to win prizes. 

A Mustard Seed Toys will give:

a 20 piece set for everyone who gets 10 entries
a fire truck set for 25 entries
a 40 piece set for 40 entries
a princess castle set for 55 entries
an 88 piece set for everyone with 75 entries or more.

This promotion ends 3/25, so enter your info for the grand prize and share your referral link for the chance to win a set.

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