Friday, March 23, 2018

Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree - Children's Book Review

Book Overview:

Bold, adventurous Sylvia Rose loves visiting the animals and trees of the forest. The girl and her favorite cherry tree share almost everything, including dancing and stories, but they can’t travel the world together because the tree is rooted deep in the earth. Determined to overcome this obstacle, Sylvia Rose enlists her animal friends to uproot the glorious tree, and Sylvia and the tree set off globetrotting together, taking in the wonders of the world from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera House, each sight more amazing than the last.    

Back home in the forest, however, the animals begin to suffer without the food and shelter of their life-sustaining cherry tree. Can the tree give up her newfound freedom and return to her role in the forest ecosystem?

My Review:

A hardback book with the story told in rhythmic form, Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree tells of a charming girl named Sylvia Rose who dances her way into the woods.  The woodland creatures follow her in the dance and they begin to meet at a big cherry tree every day to boogie. 

As it was, the cherry tree became sad that it couldn't dance.  So, Sylvia and the creatures of the forest uprooted the tree so it could be free.  Sylvia and the tree danced many places, including the seashore and a mountain.  While the tree was away, the woodland animals realized how much they missed it.  The tree was important to them for shelter and rest.  Sylvia and the tree become homesick and eventually return.  Both are happy to be back where they belong. 

This story is stupendous, both visually and contextually.  It's written in a way that captivates and attracts attention.  One of my favorite themes is the one of returning to your roots to a place where you belong.


S. Shapiro said...

Thank you for the lovely review!
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