Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Ugly Tree and I Had to Pee

A mostly recurring theme on my blog, I'm participating once again in Random Tuesday Thoughts.  If you'd like to let the world in on your randomness, link up at Stacy Uncorked.

Mother Nature played a cruel April Fool's joke on us this year.  For Easter we were gifted with snow...and lots of it.  The town I celebrated Easter in didn't have any snowfall but, once we headed home, Winter broke out of its cage and unleashed its fury.

I went over for brunch to my son's house the other day.  He'd invited me and Logan over to eat.  Gotta love the guy who still has his Christmas tree up.  When I mentioned the gaping hole, Adam said he'd just buy a big bow and wrap it around the middle.  #ProblemSolved #StartAGoFundMeForANewTree

Adam preparing brunch
(probably my last one in a while)

Adam is 18 years old and has known how to cook for quite some time now.  He didn't learn that skill from his momma.  Once Logan heard there'd be food involved, he came over too.  

Adam spent a ton of time making eggs, fried potatoes, sausage patties, biscuits and bacon.  I ruined my entire meal within five minutes.  

*Warning...It gets gross from here....*

Just a few bites in, and I got choked up on something.  I think it was all the smoke from the bacon and sausage cooking.  I tried to take a drink of red Gatorade and that made matters worse.  I started spewing red.  The only thing I had to save the day was my plate...with the food still on it.  Logan's freaking out, thinking I'm spitting up blood.  Adam's just standing there with the Deer In The Headlights Look.  Finally, Adam asks if I'm okay.  That was cue for me to piss all over myself...and his recliner.  

I still haven't asked if I'll be allowed over again.

As you can imagine, I got suckered into getting Easter baskets for the six kids.  AND two step-granddaughters.  AND a son-in-law.  

K-mart saved my arse when I saw an advertisement for 100% Cash Back in points on Easter candy.  I basically got paid to fill baskets with chocolate and jelly beans.  Score!

I got this tabletop Bags game for Logan's Easter basket.  Didn't realize I'd have as much fun with it as he does.  The rest of the family is a little annoyed when they can't get through the kitchen because me and Logan are in a spirited game of Bags.  #AskMeIfICare
back side - real and dead
front side - fake

 My husband deserves a Hometown Hero award.  He has to keep me in check all the time.  It's got to be exhausting.

In February, I received two bouquets from two different people.  After some time, I ended up bunching the Baby's Breath all into one vase.  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why the back side of the bunch was dead and the front side was still so alive and vibrant. 

Jason pointed it out the other day..............They were fake.

Such is my life.
What is your randomness for the week?
Have any snow on Easter?
Pull any good April Fool's pranks?
Pee on yourself lately?


Kari Wagner Hoban said...

OMG you're making me laugh so hard my boobs hurt.
A moment of silence for your invite to your son's home.
And the recliner.

Mocadeaux said...

It had to be red Gatorade, right? I'm sorry to laugh at your discomfort but I guess it's ok since you are all better now (more than can be said for the recliner?).

An Apel a Day said...

Your story made me laugh so hard!

It was supposed to snow, but we didn't get any snow at all.

I choked a lot when I was prego with my oldest. I don't know why, but oranges did that. I didn't throw up with either kid except for the stomach flu at the end of both of them. Just the choking.

We've had times where I felt like we wouldn't be let back into someone's home. Mica was 4 and Isaak was 2. Isaak got over being sick with the stomach flu. We decided to go to the in-laws for a Thanksgiving. We all got woken up to scream crying. Isaak's butt exploded. While we were helping him up, Mica threw up. Since he was laying down he was throwing up, and it was falling back onto his face. OMG it was a mess! We were at my in-laws that don't like to waist water. Their whole house smelled so bad.

I tried to play a prank about getting my lips injected. I had a brochure and everything. It didn't work on my husband. It only worked on Isaak. Then I gave the boys candy in a real egg carton. Mica hates eggs, so it was funny.

Sue Hull said...

Lol! You are making me laugh so hard! Something like the choking incident happened to me but luckily I was at home in my own recliner.It was just gross! Thank you for always brightening up my day ☺ I'm sorry you choked but I'm glad you're ok

kymom13 said...

LOL. I BET your boys were freaking out. Thank goodness you weren't really choking without air or you would have been a gonna...those boys need to learn how to react in emergencies...but they're still young.