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YogaClub Clothing Subscription Box - 20% Off

YogaClub is your personal stylist for the yoga-inspired life. Delivering high quality, brand name yoga apparel at an affordable price, they are committed to empowering women to be active, confident and mindful in everything they take on — from yoga classes to traveling the world. All of YogaClub’s monthly subscription boxes are hand-curated and styled based on the member’s personal preferences including favorite colors, patterns, and workouts. Every box delivered donates a yoga class to a child in need.

The Guru ($79/month) — 3-Piece Outfit
The Karma ($69/month) — 2-Piece Outfit
The Mantra ($45/month)— 1 Pair of Leggings

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Wash Up this Season with Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap - Review

With the warmer weather looming, what better way to kick off the summer season than with a BBQ get-together with friends and family. While you may be cooking outdoors, make sure you are still practicing proper hand washing before and after meals. With four options from Softsoap that encourage healthy hands, rest assured that your family’s sinks are stocked with options that will gently wash away bacteria after enjoying the delicious BBQ meal.

Softsoap® Crisp Clean Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap: Dermatologist tested, and clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria*. Its unique formula with moisturizers, leaves your hands feeling crisp clean and protected.

Softsoap® Fresh Citrus Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap: With fresh scents of citrus, this unique formula with moisturizers, leaves your skin feeling soft and protected. Dermatologist tested and clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria*.

Softsoap® Aquarium Series® Liquid Hand Soap: Wash away bacteria** with this light, fresh scent featuring a design of your favorite fish. Just add water for a classic clean.

Softsoap® Clean SplashTM Liquid Hand Soap: Wash away dirt and bacteria**, while wowing your senses with this delightful fresh citrus scent.

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you're well aware I'm a fan of Softsoap.  I purchase their liquid hand soap often. It's a brand I know to work away dirt, leave hands smelling clean, and be cost efficient.  The liquid soap gets hands clean in all sorts of dirty and sloppy messes, and easily rinses away excess food ingredients from my hands.  Softsoap liquid hand soaps have a fair price point and can be found at mass retail, drug and grocery stores nationwide.

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Daphne & Velma - #DaphneVelma #spon Blu-ray Giveaway

Jinkies! Your favorite mystery solving teenagers are back in an all-new, live-action feature length movie!

State of the art robots and high-tech gadgets are common sights at Ridge Valley High, an innovative center of learning for some of the brightest minds in the country, including new transfer student, the bright & optimistic Daphne Blake (Sarah Jeffery) who is excited to finally go to school with her online bestie, the whip-smart & analytical Velma Dinkley (Sarah Gilman). But not everything is as innocent as it seems as mysterious disappearances begin to plague the top-performing students on campus. Once cheery and full of life, kids now appear in a “zombiefied” state - lifeless and shells of themselves. Can Daphne and Velma learn to work together and save the students or will they become the next victims? Get ready for thrills and laughs as we follow the first adventures of Mystery Inc.’s fierce female duo.

It’s an adorable film that the whole family will love!

But… Daphne and Velma, need your help! Use the embeddable Mystery Video Decryptor & Soundboard blog app to decrypt exclusive clips from the new hit film!

PLUS! Watch the Daphne & Velma Slime Lab Video and learn how to make four different kinds of Daphne & Velma slimes featuring Velma herself, Sarah Gilman. Kids of all ages will love the gooey slime fun!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Daphne & Velma on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on May 22, 2018.

Daphne & Velma Mystery Video Decryptor & Soundboard Blog App:

• Help Daphne & Velma solve their latest case by helping them decrypt the footage! Dial the knob and meters to just the right position to unlock the footage and move to the next challenge.

• Trigger fun & spooky sounds right from the movie in this fun soundboard

The film stars Sarah Jeffery (Disney's "Descendants: Wicked World") and Sarah Gilman (ABC's “Last Man Standing”), and is produced by Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Tisdale’s Blondie Girl Productions. Daphne & Velma will carry a suggested retail price of $19.98 for the DVD and $24.98 for the Blu-ray.

Win It!

One person will win Daphne & Velma on Blu-ray.

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA and Canada.*

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15% Off Sitewide at Precious Moments

In the spirit of spring, Precious Moments wants to shower you with spring savings on Precious Moments porcelain figurines, ornaments, and collectibles. For a limited time, they're offering 15% off all orders. 

Spring into action now to save 15% sitewide with code SPRINGSAVINGS at PreciousMoments.com.  Sale ends 5/31.

Do you own any Precious Moments collectibles?

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Magformers Paw Patrol 20Pc Ready for Action Set - #magformers Review and Giveaway

Construction toys have many benefits. They allow for creativity and imagination. Kids learn independence, and eye-hand coordination is gained. Throughout the years, my kids have created garages, monsters, cars, forts and more with different brands of construction and magnetic toys.  One brand in that toy category is Magformers.

Magformers use the strongest Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets for guaranteed connectivity. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store.  Magformers™ uses magnets to hold the pieces together while children exercise their imaginations. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that the small magnets are encapsulated safely and will not come loose even with a reasonable level of abuse during play.

A fairly new set from the Magformers line is the Paw Patrol 20Pc Ready for Action Set.  Using 14 magnetic pieces and 6 insert character cards, kids can build and combine Magformers to create awesome paw-riffic builds.  Follow along the idea booklet and play mat for step-by-step building, or use the power of your own imagination to construct your own unique creations.

With this Magformers Paw Patrol construction set, kids can match their favorite characters from the show or even match the colors and shapes together.  Using imagination, kids can create and build a pup house, a cube, and other small concepts.  The Paw Patrol cards inside the Magformers Magnetic shapes are double-sided and can be removed or turned over for a different design to be shown.  The play mats feature Paw Patrol pups and gives kids ideas on what to create.  The pieces themselves are durable and come in assorted colors.  The pieces can also be used with other Magformers sets, and add-ons can be purchased separately.
Win It!

One person will win a Magformers Paw Patrol 20Pc Ready for Action Set.

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA.*

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Important: Please Read! - GDPR and Your Privacy with Heck Of A Bunch

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

You may or may not have heard about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And even though this is an EU thing, I have been tuned into the necessary actions to be compliant.  Whether you're from Europe or another country, I'd like to keep you informed about your privacy and consent.

I care about your privacy and want to be 100% transparent.  Here are the primary ways that your information may be connected to this site:

Mailing list: Heck Of A Bunch never adds people to the mailing list without their explicit consent. You are more than welcome to unsubscribe to my email list at any time (although I hope that isn't the case!  I like having you around.)

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Direct e-mails: If you e-mail me directly or submit via a contact form, you are submitting your e-mail to me through that process. But as mentioned above, I never will add you to my newsletter because you e-mailed me about something else.

Google Analytics and other similar metrics: Heck Of A Bunch has a Google Analytics account. I only use it to analyze blog numbers and to determine which posts are working better than others.  When you use this website, Google Analytics will log your IP address, operating system type, browser type, referring website, pages you viewed, and the dates/times when you accessed the Website.

Cookies:  This Website uses cookies to store visitors’ preferences, record user-specific information on what pages users access or visit, ensure that visitors are not repeatedly sent the same banner ads, customize Website content based on visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends. Cookies may also be used by third-party services, such as Google Analytics, as described herein.

Giveaways:  If you leave a comment on a blog post or enter your email via Rafflecopter to enter a giveaway, your personal identifiable information is not shared to companies or sponsors unless it is specifically posted as such.  If you are a giveaway winner, I do share your email and mailing address with the sponsor so your product can be sent out.
Affiliate Links:  This website may engage in affiliate marketing, which is done by embedding tracking links into the website. If you click on a link for an affiliate partnership, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track any sales for purposes of commissions.

In a nutshell, I won't be shady and sell your email to a foreign currency company in the hopes that they'll let me in on the cut.  Or any of that jazz....

Thanks for being a reader of my blog!  Each and every one of you matter.  And so does your privacy.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Purpose Driven Essentials - #pdemini Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage.  People seem to love the idea of receiving themed boxes in the mail every month.  One such company is Purpose Driven Essentials.  Its items are filled with items to help support faith and encourage daily devotion like Christian-inspired Books, devotionals, journaling tools and Christian music.

Purpose Driven Essentials was created with women in mind to help them bring their families closer together and closer to God. The company’s mission is to uplift and encourage by helping families spend quality time together: learning, worshiping and having faith-based fun. Ten of all proceeds go to help missions.

You can decide between individual or family boxes and whether you’d like to send a one-time gift or continue with a monthly subscription box, giving a gift that lasts all year through.  The PDE Mini Kits retail for $32.99 and the Purpose Driven Family Kits retail for $49.95.

I received a sample kit for review and was staggered by what was inside.  The items included in the box were of good quality. I didn't feel like I was getting cheated.  Although I do not Bible journal, I was still able to find good uses for the clear stamp and ink that was part of the box.  The Third Day CD really excited me because I'm a fan of contemporary Christian music and was able to become familiar with songs I hadn't heard from the band before.  The prayer journal is perfect for writing down my prayer requests and for writing sermon notes. 
stock photo of December Purpose Driven Family Kit

It doesn't end there...  Also included was a Mason Jar printable to cut out and make into bookmarks. Clear encouragement stickers and a hardback devotional book were uplifting.  A small handcrafted booklet with prompts, devotionals, and scriptures is a way to continue with my spiritual walk.  A sample bag of Cookies and Cream popcorn was a nice addition, and a cute mini burlap bag topped it off. 

I definitely recommend Purpose Driven Essentials for anyone who wants a fun and interesting box with remarkable items that are centered towards a walk with Christ.

stock photo of February PDE Mini kit

Are you a member of any subscription box services?
Is Purpose Driven Essentials something that interests you?

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away - Book Review and Giveaway

Book Overview:

When you said, “I do,” you entered marriage with high hopes, dreaming it would be supremely happy.

You never intended it to be miserable.

Millions of couples are struggling in desperate marriages. But the story doesn’t have to end there. Dr. Gary Chapman writes, “I believe that in every troubled marriage, one or both partners can take positive steps that have the potential for changing the emotional climate in their marriage.”

Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away, the revised and updated edition of the award-winning Desparate Marriages, teaches you how to:

Recognize and reject the myths that hold you captive
Better understand your spouse’s behavior
Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions
Make choices that can have a lasting, positive impact on you and your spouse

An experienced marriage and family counselor, Gary Chapman speaks to those whose spouse is any of the following:

A workaholic
Verbally abusive
Physically abusive
Sexually abusive
Addicted to alcohol or drugs

Marriage has the same potential to be miserable as it does to be blissful. Read Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away to learn how you can turn things around.

About the Author:

GARY CHAPMAN--author, speaker, counselor--has a passion for people and for helping them form lasting relationships. He is the #1 bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages series and director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. Gary travels the world presenting seminars, and his radio programs air on more than 400 stations. For more information visit his website at www.5lovelanguages.com.

My Review:

Jason and I have been married 15 years (together for sixteen).  The first ten were a ticking time bomb.  How we made it without getting divorced amazes me.  Our marriage isn't perfect now, but the last five years have been amazing, especially compared to the beginning.  I attribute it to putting God first in our lives, taking marriage classes, reading books, and putting into practice the things we've learned.

You can read a book or listen to a speaker all day long, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't apply what you've learned.  The same goes for Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away.  With practical advice and real-life examples, this book is a helpful resource concerning marriage.  For instance, the reader will learn strategies on how to approach a controlling spouse, with a couple of those being asserting your own freedom and not fighting or arguing with the controller.

This isn't a book that guarantees marital success, but it is a book that will help you learn how to deal with the kind of marriage your're in.  It will give tips on what you can do to try to make things work, without sacrificing your self-worth.  I personally think that are times a marriage should call it quits, but I also know first-hand that marriages can change for the better.  This book isn't laden with scientific terms and fancy prose; It's written in a tone that anyone can understand.

Win It!

One person will win a paperback copy of Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away.

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA.*

I received book for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Celebrate National Cheese Souffle Day with Jarlsberg® Cheese

 Jarlsberg® Cheese, the nationally recognized premium brand of cheese, invites you and your family to whip up a gourmet meal that is simple, elegant and scrumptious. May 18 is National Souffle Day – so why not celebrate in style with this incredible, easy-to-use recipe from Jarlsberg® Cheese?

Depending on what ingredients you use, the Soufflé can be served both as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. Here we’ve combined this French classic with a tangy lemon vinaigrette and a fresh tomato and watermelon salad which makes it perfect as an appetizer or main course, preferably enjoyed outdoors on one of those warm summer evenings.



1 cup milk
2 dried bay leaves
2 shallots, finely chopped
4 small ramekins
Baking paper
1 cup butter
4 tbsp. plain flour
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
1 cup grated Jarlsberg® cheese
5 eggs with the whites and yolks separated
Jarlsberg® cheese for the topping


1 cup tomatoes
1 cup hazelnuts, roasted
1 lime
1 orange
2 cups olive oil



Pre-heat the oven to 400 °F. In a pan, heat the milk, bay leaves and shallot until boiling. Remove the pan from the heat and let the contents rest for 20 minutes. Grease the inside of the ovenproof ramekins.

The soufflé mixture will rise quite high, so don’t overfill the ramekins. Melt the butter in a pan and stir in the flour.

Cook, stirring, for 1 min.

Strain the rested milk mixture, and gradually whisk it into the butter and flour mixture.
Cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens.
Remove from the heat. Stir in mustard, salt, cayenne pepper and grated Jarlsberg® cheese. Then stir the egg yolks into the mixture. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and gently fold them into the mixture, a little at a time. Divide the mixture between the greased ramekins.

Sprinkle a little extra Jarlsberg® cheese on top, if desired. Bake on the bottom shelf of the oven for 20-25 minutes until the soufflés are golden and well risen. They should be slightly soft in the middle. Slice the tomatoes and melon.

Make the vinaigrette by whisking the juice of the lime and the orange together with the oil and mixing well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve the soufflés immediately after they are taken out of the oven.

Serve with the tomato and watermelon salad garnished with roasted hazelnuts and with the vinaigrette.

 I received products in exchange for this post.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Power of Prayer Thursdays - Week 122

I believe in a God that hears prayers and answers them. I've witnessed the miraculous gift of answered prayer. And, I want to pray for you. I've started weekly Power of Prayer post every Thursday. We are now on week 122.  If you are needing prayer in an area of your life, please leave a comment and I'll commit to pray for your need or request. You can be as general or as specific as you like. Whether it be for healing, salvation, finances, emotions, or another area of life, I'd like to lift it up in prayer.

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Blog Tour and Giveaway for Love Inspired Series

Feel comforted and at peace when you read these uplifting romances of faith, forgiveness and hope from Love Inspired. There are 12 new books each month! Six from Love Inspired for those who love contemporary romance and six from Love Inspired Suspense who like some danger with their romance stories.

I received four books as part of the Love Inspired blog tour.  One I'm still in the middle of reading, and two others are on my TBR list.  A Love Inspired book that I did read and enjoy is The Wedding Quilt Bride by Marta Perry.

Book Synopsis:

Widowed single mom, Rebecca Mast, returns to her Amish community hoping to open a quilt shop. She accepts carpenter Daniel King's offer of assistance---but she isn't prepared for the bond he forms with her son. Will getting closer expose her secret---or reveal the love she has in her heart for her long-ago friend?

My Review:

Books, fiction or non-fiction, that involve the Amish always fascinate me.  In most of the books, the Amish have the same interest in love as we do, but they're more careful and guarded.  The Wedding Quilt Bride can be read as a stand-alone but is the second book in the Brides of Lost Creek series.  Knowing that, I will more than likely read that book as well.

The story tells of Rebecca who returns back to home after her husband passes away.  Her young son becomes quite introverted after the death.  Once home, Rebecca stumbles upon an old friend, Daniel.  He offers to help her but Rebecca is stubborn and is resolved that it's up to her to make it on her own and help her son.

Both Daniel and Rebecca have their own guilt and shame.  Her husband had been abusive and Daniel's brother left the Amish community.  Both live with those scars.  It takes humility and support for them to get past all of that.  Once they are able to, they focus on Rebecca's son.  Rebecca and Daniel are then able to discover new love with each other.

The story plot is somewhat predictable but that doesn't take away from the excellent writing style.  The characters were easy to imagine as being real and relatable.  I enjoyed this book and its overall frame of learning to love and trust again.

Love Inspired Blog Tour Sweepstakes!

I received books for review from Harlequin.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Wordful Wednesday - People of Quito

Kelly and Lady

It's been eight months since I went on the mission trip to Quito, Ecuador.  I still think of the place often, and of the people who impacted me.  Although I had hopes to, I won't be returning again this year.  Maybe next...

My heart gravitated mostly towards the children.  These two right here were probably my favorite.  They're brother and sister.  The love and concern they have for each other is amazing.  I would've taken those two home with me in a heartbeat.

Brent and Christian

Christian (on the right) is a man of huge faith and is one of the most humble people I know.  He works with Pan de Vida and is a model for how people should display kindness.  He's also a renegade.  He puts in some hard manual work!

Maria and Lady

Maria is the "grandma" of the family we worked for.  She goes out eight hours a day, on foot, and looks for plastic to turn in for money.  She was thrilled when some of our materials came in plastic bags.  That was money for her.

Wendy and Emily

Wendy is a teenage mom to Emily.  The father is around from time to time.  One thing I noticed is that the fathers would come and go for a few minutes here and there.  A lot don't stay to help with the family.  They'd pop in, exchange a few words with the kids, and leave.

Wendy actually has Facebook, so I'm able to keep in touch with her.  She's a beautiful soul but her FB Live feeds show a pretty wild side too.  I pray for her.

Kelly and Lady 

Kelly and Lady were around quite often.  They'd come up to us, seeing what goodies we had to give.  Here, they're wearing sunglasses that I brought.  They didn't have any toys that I could see.  Most people in America would crap their pants if their kids did half of what these kids do.  There's not much fear.  A mangy mutt would walk by, covered in blood and feces, and the kids would happily play with it.  They'd play dangerously close to cliffs that would cause their death if they fell.  Even with very little to their name, they were still content.

This picture right here says it all!  The hugs and appreciation we received was worth every bit of the hard work we did.  In fact, everyone we came across was very kind and considerate.  Adults or kids, we were welcome.

It's quite normal to see this little girl at Pan de Vida.  Her mother works there in exchange for food and payment.  Taking a sheet and making it into a papoose, her mother would single-handedly pose the baby on her back and tie it up secure.  I would've done dropped the kiddo on its head!

Another thing I noticed is that the babies and young'uns rarely cried or complained.  I heard one short cry from one baby and that was it.

This is a time when the female part of our group sat upon a hill with a few of the kids in the area.  We giggled and laughed.  The kids were mesmerized by our phones, especially Snapchat!  We went over school books, translating Spanish to English.  The time was priceless and precious.

Quito, you've still got my heart.  Someday, we'll meet again.

Macadamia Professional - Hair Care Products Giveaway

 Back in November 2017 I had the opportunity to do a review for Macadamia Professional hair care products.  The line of products was beneficial in giving my hair volume and affording me the probability that my hair won't fall flat. Now the company would like to offer a giveaway to my readers from the Nourishing Moisture line!

Nourishing Moisture Shampoo ($22.00, MacadamiaHair.com)
Nourishing Moisture Shampoo gives medium to coarse hair textures the rich hydration they require. It contains our exclusive Pro Oil Complex, a blend of Macadamia and Argan Oils to help strengthen and repair hair as well as Hazelnut and Avocado Oils to lock in moisture and nourish hair. In addition, it contains a combination of Vitamins A, C, and E to balance hair and help improve tensile strength after every wash.

Nourishing Moisture Conditioner ($22.00, MacadamiaHair.com)
Is your hair in need of a full moisture and shine re-boot? Introducing a luxuriously soft and effective formula that deeply penetrates hair down to the roots and scalp for all-over moisturization. Infused with our naturally beneficial Pro Oil Complex of Macadamia and Argan Oils, we have added Avocado and Hazelnut Oils for even deeper hair and scalp moisture saturation. Repair, restore, and strengthen with a combination of Collagen and Silk Amino Acids included for all-over beauty and shine.

Nourishing Moisture Masque ($36.00, MacadamiaHair.com)
Nourishing Moisture Masque gives medium to course hair textures the ultimate repairing, reconstructing, and hydrating treatment they need. Infused with our exclusive Pro Oil Complex, it leaves hair detangled, silky, and frizz-free. Perfect for damaged, dry, or color-treated hair, the masque improves hair health, shine, and elasticity.

Win It!

One person will win Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque, Nourishing Moisture Shampoo, and Nourishing Moisture Conditioner.

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA.*

I received no products or compensation for this post.  This post is in partnership with PR firm.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Index Cards and Mother's Day

Sometimes the things we want to talk about aren't really long enough for a post, but you still want to talk about them.  And that's where Random Tuesday Thoughts comes in.  If you'd like to play along, link up at Stacy Uncorked.

Logan's final exam for college allowed him to write notes on an index card for reference.  Logan took full advantage.  Both sides of the 3x5 note card were used to full capacity.  I swear he could write on rice.  

Testing him, I asked Logan to read part of what was written out loud.  Sure enough, he knew what he'd scrunched on one itty bitty card.  If there's ever a job for an ultra, teeny-tiny, miniscule Hand Writer, Logan's your guy.

Mother's Day was very nice to me.  Shelby and her husband bought me a birthstone ring.  I have to wear it on my pinkie because I have fat fingers and all standard ring sizes are 7.

Logan took me out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, where I indulged in a Taco Salad.  Then he gifted me with a volleyball and volleyball net.  I'm no Gabrielle Reece but I enjoy a friendly game once in a while.  It occurred to me that I have a very large back yard and it might be kinda cool to add sport-ish stuff to play.
Every time I see a Wilson volleyball, I can't help but think of Cast Away.  Anyone else?!

Juliann is officially done with high school.  She graduates Sunday.  Say what?!! Now we will only have one in school.  When did my kids no longer be kids!  *I'm not crying. You're crying.*

Nothing like last minute but I guess I need to make some changes to my blog to comply with the EU GDPR.  Here's hoping this dunderhead can figure out the rules and regulations.  Also, do blogs HAVE to have https:// in front of their website name now?  

My daughter recently loaned me her copy of Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed by Michelle Knight.  OH MY GOSH!  That girl is my hero.  She went through hell and back, then again and again during her childhood and the ten years she was held in captivity by Ariel Castro.  Her resilience and strength is amazing, considering the torture and abuse she's been through.  I'm almost positive I would've been broken, had I been in her situation.  I just want to hug Michelle tight...and I'm not even a hugger.  

The gal who made the memory bear I gifted my nephew for graduation has completed all the other bears.  She made four big bears and three small ones out of my mother's blanket.  
Any backyard games you recommend I purchase?
Wanna help me with GDPR?!!
Have any graduations going on this year?
What's your randomness for the week?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Family Representin' Roller Derby

Roller derby is a brutal sport and I quickly learned that to be true when I joined the team in 2013.  Due to my mother's illness, I had to give it up.  But I'm still a big supporter.  

Roller derby is much more  than throwing on a pair of skates and bumping into a few girls (or guys). There's soooo much to learn and the workouts are brutal.  It's very time-consuming and expensive. 

Dark River Derby Coalition (DRDC) is an actual charitable organization that abides by laws and guidelines. They are affiliated with WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) and continue to climb the ranks.  None of the players make money by playing for DRDC.  In fact, all monies raised to go local charities.

The 2018 season just started for DRDC.  The first home game was last Saturday with a loss.  Although I'm no longer on the team, my family still represents.  

Ginja Ninja is my daughter.  She's been playing off and on for five years.
Bloyd on D Track is my brother and is the team's coach, five years running.
Neacious is my sister-in-law (aka the coach's wife).  She's been in it to win it since day one.

"Whose house?  Our house.
Whose house? Our house.

Have you ever attended a roller derby event?
What would your roller derby name be?

Go Organically Fruit Snacks - Kid-Friendly Spring Snacks Review and Giveaway

Ahhh, Spring! Warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and a chance to rediscover the joys of the great outdoors after several months of hibernation (and the occasional binge-watch).   One way to enjoy Spring with the kids is by taking regular family walks.  We bring along reusable water bottles and easy-to-tote Go Organically kids organic snacks to keep everyone smiling.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks are a brand of GMO-free fruit snacks available in three varieties, all of which are USDA-certified organic, made with real fruit purées and real fruit juices. These treats include 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C and are a good source of Vitamins A and E. Go Organically® Fruit Snacks are also gluten-free, preservative-free and made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources.  The three varieties available are Tropical, Mixed Berry, and Fruit Medley. 

Fruit snacks are a favorite among my teens, and Go Organically Fruit Snacks never last long at all around my household.  There are eight individually wrapped snack pouches to a box.  Go Organically Fruit Snacks have a soft texture and don't contain a weird aftertaste.  I appreciate that they are comparable in taste to other brand name fruit snacks, yet are somewhat superior because they are certified organic and made with real juices and purees.   

Win It!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway