Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hug-a-BooBoo - Kid's Bandages Review

Ever notice how a boo-boo seems to feel just a little bit better a little bit quicker when a child is wearing a band-aid with cute designs? Whatever works, I say.

A company that knows all about cute bandages is Hug-a-BooBoo.  The bandages feature animal characters with outstretched arms, ready to give a hug.  A hippo, bear, frog, and dog make up the cute characters.  There are 20 bandages to a box.

In addition to being child-friendly, Hug-a-BooBoo bandages have small amounts of extra padding in the "arms" of the characters, offering extra protection to the surrounding areas of the wound.  This patent-pending feature, called "Peripheral Wound Area Protection" (PWAP), provides an extra level of comfort, protection and reassurance.  Hug-a-BooBoo padding is also a whopping 18% thicker than the average child's bandage.

For these bandages in particular, I like that they are unisex.  I also like that they are packaged so each bandage character can be seen. With some bandages, they have cute designs but it is hard to tell which one is which due to how they're individually packaged. A child can choose which Hug-a-BooBoo bandage they'd like applied by visually looking at the bandage silhouettes.  Either way, they're going to get a cute animal character that helps heal wounds. 
Which Hug-a-BooBoo animal would your child like best?

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.