Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Crapchute: Durable and Eco-Friendly Bags - Review

Although trips to the beach aren’t QUITE as relaxing with kids in tow, we never pass up an opportunity to spend a few hours with our toes in the sand and a book in our hand. The only part we don’t like? THE STUFF.

When I'm looking for a bag to use on a swim trip or to take on any other trip, it's important that they're roomy and made to be sturdy.  Crapchute bags are both! 

Crapchute founder and owner, Jonathan Zar,  wanted to bring his passion for air sports, craftsmanship, and the strength of parachute materials to the public in the form of handy collapsible bags for everyday use. After lots of testing, a versatile, light-weight, resilient and incredibly strong catch-all bag was born. 

Crapchute bags are built from one continuous piece of fabric sewn together for extra strength. The parachute fabric used is a special boxed weave design which gives it tear resistant characteristics.  Crapchute bags are one of the lightest bags around with one of the highest weight ratings.  

There are two different kind of Crapchute bags available - The Hand Bag and The Shoulder Bag.  The difference between the two is the handles.  Other than that, both are crafted the same.  Crapchute bags have two usable pockets, one with a zipper.  Because of the material they're made with, the bags resist tearing and are water-resistant.  They are also mildew resistant.  

If you'd like to fold the bag up in itself to make it smaller, all you have to do is turn the zippered pocket completely inside out and stuff the remainder of the bag into the zippered pocket.  Close the double sided zipper and you've got a portable bag!

What a Crapchute bag looks like when folded up in itself

I received both a hand bag and a shoulder bag.  One is in tiger print and the other has a pineapple motif.  I prefer the shoulder bag only because I prefer to have bags that way, to keep my hands free.  Our family has found several uses for Crapchute.  I've taken them to the store with me to put groceries in.  That keeps me from having to use a store's plastic bags, which are not good for the environment.  We've also taken them with us when swimming.  Our towels and swimsuits go in the bags after a swim and we don't have to worry about mildew.  My granddaughter, Rahjae, is going to attend church camp later this month and is going to take the tiger print bag with her to store dirty clothes in.  

Crapchute is dedicated to saving the environment and giving back.  Every purchase helps preserve our oceans.  With the purchase of each Crapchute bag, Crapchute Inc. will donate part of their profits to either SurfAid, The Ocean Conservancy, Surf Riders Foundation or Preserve the Oceans.  They will also donate their time to clean up local beaches in California.  

Take it to the beach, take it to the market, take it to the park, use it as a diaper bag, use it as a wet bag, use it to garden, use it to transport your snow gear. Whatever your task, Crapchute is your go to bag!

Great bags + supporting a great cause = a great company.

I received products for review from Crapchute.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.


Peggy said...

I love using reusable bags. I like that I can wash them too.

An Apel a Day said...

These are really cute! I used reusable bags for lunch, sandwich sized ones for fruit, veggies, and other things, and shopping ones. They sure do come in handy!

I keep seeing pineapples everywhere. They must be the trendy thing this year.