Friday, July 27, 2018

Honoring Local First Responders at Red, White & Back the Blue Festival

That's me, dispatch, at the yellow line!
These tshirts were sold at the event.

If you're anywhere around news media, you know that there's a huge discontent for law enforcement and first responders.  Not to say some of it isn't warranted, but not all of us are bad.  Just like not all dentists or doctors or mechanics or religions are bad. 
my daughter, Shelby, and son-in-law George

Last weekend local first responders were honored with a Red, White & Back the Blue event at one of our parks.  It was open to the public.  Honoring all first responders, including police, sheriffs, EMT/paramedics, fire fighters, and dispatchers, it was a day of music, food, demonstrations, and fun for kids and the whole family.
me and Jason

9-1-1 Dispatchers are often the "red-headed step children" among first responders so it was nice to be included.   I went out with my family for a few short hours.  Hy-Vee Grill catered food for the event.  All responders and their immediate family were able to eat brats, burgers, pulled pork, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and cookies for free.

 a K-9 officer with his dog

The event was from 2-10 pm with lots for kids and adults to do.  We came in the evening and stayed for a couple hours to eat and listen to the music.  I'm better than no one by any means, but it was nice to be recognized.  And it was nice for the public to come out and meet with all responders under circumstances that weren't an emergency or criminal matter.

Allyson and Logan


An Apel a Day said...

What a great way to honor them with the different colors.

That's a great photo of your daughter and son-in-law! They look so happy!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I wish more communities would honor our local heroes in this manner. That's wonderful they included the dispatchers also. You guys do so much before help even arrives, you most definitely deserve recognition too!

jjmon2012 said...

They should be honored for all they do for us. Yea people thanks when they helped them but they don't go any further. This way people can meet and talk and know that we would be lost with out their help