Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - Father's Day 2018

Allyson, Jason, Emma, Adam

Father's Day was low key around here but the quality time was a blast.  Four of our six kids were around to celebrate with us at home.

platter I gifted to Jason

Jason insisted on cooking the meal, although we offered several times to take him out to eat.  He made homemade french fries and cooked up a bunch of fried fish.  We also had pasta salad and Jell-O cake.  

Which leads me to a debatable question:  Do you eat the fish's tail?  People look at me like I've grown a third eye when I tell them I eat fish tail.  When fried, it tastes like a crunchy chip.  #GiveMeAllTheTail

Check out that fish tail on the right.  Nom nom!

While Jason slaved over the stove and skillet, me and the kids played table ping pong and board games.  The dog also got spoiled more than usual.  I'm sure she thought the special day was for her.

Emma spoiling Helen

There was no elaborate affair or expensive presents but there was plenty of good food and quality time.  That makes the day a win in my book!