Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Don't Take Me Along for the Ride

Sleep, sleep, oh glorious sleep!
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

There may be days where I'm awake for 15 hours, take a couple hour nap, then am back up again for quite a while.

Other days I'm awake for 4 hours and I'm ready for a nap. 

A 1-hour nap is almost always mandatory the hour leading up to me heading into work at night.

I think you get it - I like sleep.

Usually this isn't a big deal.  My nap time is my husband's "me" time. 

When it becomes a problem is when I'm driving for an extended period or riding as a passenger.  Especially if the sun is beating down just right.

Case in hand:  I used to work an hour away from where I lived and actually worked day shift at that time (unlike night shift now).  Almost EVERY. SINGLE. day I would pray to the good Lord that I'd make it.  No matter how much sleep I got the night before, I'd almost always doze off on my way to work.  There'd be times I'd try so hard not to sleep that I'd start to hallucinate.  I had no doubt a car crash would be my demise. 

Windows down with wind blasting my face - Did it!
Air conditioner on full blast - Did it!
Music up at full volume - Did it!
Full-on conversations with myself - Did it!
Slapping my face and pinching my cheeks - Did it!

It is by the grace of God that I ever made those work trips back and forth.  Where I work at now is only ten minutes away one-way so I'm good. 

Remember reading about my monthly three-hour trips to Iowa?  Those are killer.  Halfway through I have to stop and take a short snooze.  Doesn't matter if it's a day trip or in the dead of night. 

Being a passenger isn't much better.  Jason usually drives long trips and he's fully aware that he will get no conversation from me.  My head hits the seat and I'm usually done for.  Short rides don't bother me but ones that hit around the 45-minute mark get me almost every time.

*Footnote: Lesson has been learned.  I either pull over and take a short nap if I have to drive far or somebody else drives with the pre-warning that I'm not gonna entertain them.  I'll be too busy sleeping.*

Anyone else have problems staying awake in a vehicle - either as a driver or a passenger?


Renee said...

Yep! Car=sleep coma
My husband is worse than I am though, so I am almost always the driver. I have to take cds that I know by heart and sing as loud as I can, music cranked, while drinking a giant sweet tea to keep myself awake. My family is no help as they are used to it, so they sleep right through my caterwauling at top volume. I get the strangest looks from people but I just ignore them because we are still alive!