Monday, August 20, 2018

Heck Of A Family Reunion 2018

It had been over ten years since our last family reunion.  Seems like the only time we were all getting together was during funerals.  Those aren't exactly fun to hang out and chit-chat to catch up.  So, my sister got into action and planned a family reunion for this year.  

Not everyone was able to make it but a fair share showed up.  My family may not be perfect, but they're perfect for me!

My granddaughter, Aryana

The Hall Family Reunion was held at the local campground.  It's the same one me and my husband used to camp at every weekend.  Jason gets the jitters every time we go up there now (which is rare).  It was some wild days back then and he doesn't like revisiting the old stomping grounds.  

My daughter and uncle B.J. talking.
I could listen to uncle B.J. talk for hours.  He's quite the storyteller and can tell jokes like nobody's business.

Me, Shelby and George

I didn't stay as long as I would have liked but I was able to visit and reminisce.  Of course, there was a crazy amount of food.  I prepared Amish Broccoli Salad and Jell-O pudding dirt cups.

Giana was content with playing with her stuffed animals and dancing back and forth across the stage.  Or, maybe she just didn't want to claim us as family!

Harley was the king of Cornhole and managed to find his way in the middle of all the games!

The weather wasn't sweltering hot so we played a lot of outdoor games, like Cornhole.  Golf cart rides around the area were a big hit.  My sister had a few photo props set up and that was fun.  A few people even jumped in the campground pool.

A "Hall" memory board was made with pictures of my grandparents and each of their six kids.  My grandma, grandpa, and three of those kids have passed away.  That leaves only three.  :(

playing with the photo props

When was the last time you attended a family reunion? Do you have one every year, or sporadically?  


Sue Hull said...

The last time we were all together was when my grandma died 5 yrs ago. That was my moms mom.All my cousins and all our kids were there. We had fun remembering my grandma.The last time we got together on my dads side was at my aunties memorial service.When she died a part of all of us went with her.She always planned reunions for all the cousins and there were tons of them.She died in 2015. I miss her everyday.She was everything to all of us.
It looks like your family reunion was fun.I enjoy your family posts ☺

Julie Waldron said...

The last time I attended a family reunion was over 20 years ago. Our extended families have them every year.