Friday, August 3, 2018

My First (And Maybe Last) Online Shopping Experience with Rosegal

Earlier this summer I mentioned to a co-worker that I needed to purchase a new swimming suit.  The ones I had were well past their prime.  The gal mentioned two sites, one of them being Rosegal.  I'm not quite sure where the company is based out of but it's an online global shopping site.  From my perception, I liken it to and

One thing that drew me in to Rosegal is that they offer many fashionable clothes in fits for larger ladies.  Just because I'm bigger doesn't mean I want to dress exclusively in polka dots and florals.  #CanIGetAnAmen
When my Rosegal order was all done and over with I purchased two swimming suits, an anklet, and four blouses.

Does this make me a crazy cat lady?!

I won't give you details on each and every piece but just a generalized opinion on the clothing.  As for the one accessory I purchased - the anklet - it fit me just fine and is very pretty.  I have big ankles and was glad that it fit without feeling like a choker.  It's not high-quality but it doesn't look super cheap either.

I was sorely disappointed in the two swimming suits.  One was an asymmetrical one-side suit, meaning it had one shoulder strap.  My left boob fit in just fine but my right one wouldn't stay in the suit to save my soul.  I could've played Janet Jackson's role during the Super Bowl!  The other swimming suit had an open back and I looked like a beached whale.  The sizing was poor, but the quality of the suit seemed fine.  It would've been cute had it fit.

And, as luck would have it, Rosegal does returns on their stuff - minus swimsuits.  I ended up giving both of them to a friend.
Of the four blouses I purchased, I liked three out of four.  My favorite, of course, is the one with cute cat faces all over it!  Another is perfect for a rock concert or night club.  And the third is nice for church or a casual evening out.

I hated the fourth blouse.  The fit was fine but it had to of been made out of old parachute material.  I didn't know clothes were ever made in whatever fabric that was.  The site claims it's made out of cotton blend and polyester.  I call straight BS!

This blouse is sold out, so other people must like wearing parachutes. 

I suppose it could be a win since I liked four out of the seven items.  

The prices on apparel are pretty good.  And I love a lot of the designs offered.  I may be big, but I wanna look good.  Rosegal has that pinned down!

I'm horrible at returning things online, so I lost out on my money there.  I threw the cotton/polyester parachute shirt away and gave the swimming suits to a friend.

I'm very much on the fence as to whether I'd purchase from Rosegal again.  I'd like to think a second order would turn out better than the first, but I just don't know.

Have you ever purchased from Rosegal?
What plus-size online sites do you like?  (the ones that have apparel that doesn't cost a fortune)


ReggieMann said...

Amen!! ;)

Yona Williams said...

Buying swimsuits is so tricky. I couldn't do it online…I have such weird measurements that I have to see things in person before buying. Nice that the items didn't go to waste.