Saturday, August 25, 2018

Quick Date at Knight's Action Park

Many years ago, when my brother was in drug rehab and he got day passes, our family would head up to Springfield, IL and spend the day at Knight's Action Park.  Back then, the place seemed larger and more magical.

Jason and I ended up going there last week.  I won two free tickets from a radio station and I was ready to relive the excitement from years ago.

Sadly, the excitement wasn't there.  It's not a bad place and I'm not putting it down.  But, in my mind's eye, it used to be bigger and had more wonderment.  I visited a water park in Iowa in July that was a lot bigger, so Knight's Action Park paled in comparison.  

Jason standing under a mushroom waterfall. That was the extend of his excitement.

Jason's not much of a "water guy" anyway so he wasn't about to go on the thrill rides.  Maybe it would have been more exciting if I would've had someone else with me that was more into it.  Or maybe not.

The "toilet bowl" that took my breath away.

On the plus side, I bet there was a total of ten people there.  The place was practically deserted.  We walked around the area several times, rode the Lazy River, and I went down the "toilet bowl".  I don't know if it's age or what but I damn near died.  Or at least it felt like I did!

We spent less than an hour and a half at Knight's Action Park.  We wanted to do the Bumper Boats but couldn't find them anywhere, even with the maps.  It was a date with the hubby that didn't last long but we still had fun.


John Smith said...

It looks like it would be a fine day out, combined with a visit to a good miniature golf course! Nice mural!

Renee said...

Your husband looking disgusted and forlorn under that mushroom cracked me up almost as much as a water ride called the Toilet Bowl. I don't think I would like being flushed like that either....It's never a good sign when a water park is nearly empty in the summer!

annies home said...

when I was a kid we lived near Jacksonville Illinois, old school grades often chose knight action park to go and visit. Back then it was grand. I think these days they just keep making them bigger so that it just seems simple now

Jana Leah B said...

It's great that you guys can still make a disappointed trip fun.