Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Birthdays and Dog Beds

I'm back on the saddle again!  It's been a while but I'm now back with Stacy Uncorked for Random Tuesday Thoughts.
Loaded Fries

Another kid had another birthday.  Adam turned 19 a couple days ago.  He went to Six Flags with his sister on the day of and I took him out to Tacos Ink for supper last night.  We had loaded fries topped with shredded chicken, rice, feta cheese, queso cheese, corn, refried beans, and sour cream.  #WorthEveryCalorie

I have absolutely no rhyme or reason why I'm all over it, but I've been watching Bachelor in Paradise hardcore.  Like, I can't wait until a new episode comes on.  I'm not a big Bachelor(ette) fangirl, but I got suckered in to watching this.  Anyone else watching it?

I bought a new bed for our dog.  You see how well that went!

Vic, Jason and Ozzy

3D bow league tournament has started up again for the year.  I don't participate but I made a good cheerleader.  Jason goes out every Friday with my nephew and a friend to bow shoot at animal targets.  I just sit there and take the pics.

Check out Jason's shirt - He knows how I roll!

 Well, I think that's about all my randomness for now.  What's going on with you?


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Hah!! I love the shirt - as long as he knows, right? Happy birthday to your newly minted 19 year old!


Renee said...

Love the shirt :) Drooling over those fries....
I bought my cat a cat bed and he despises it because he is a cat.
We are slogging through the first few days of Kindergarten and 7th grade. Homeschooling the Kindergartener, so taking breaks to read the randomness on your blog helps me get through :)

messymimi said...

Wishing your son many, many happy returns of the day, and i love the shirt!