Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Concert with the Kids

I love that I'm still semi-sorta cool to my kids.  As teenagers and young adults, they still want to hang out with me sometimes.  Logan and Shelby wanted to go to a concert in St. Louis and invited me along.  Heck yeah!

Before we went, Logan had to clean his shoes with a toothbrush and dish soap.  I mean, nobody wants to attend a rock concert in dirty shoes!

We took my vehicle and I let Shelby drive.  Bigger cities give me anxiety.  She's a pro at maneuvering in and out of traffic.

If you're interested in reading where I got this shirt, read my recent Rosegal post.
I think it was well suited for a rock concert.

I was the back seat driver.  Shelby and Logan only rolled their eyes at me twice.  I count that a success. 

We stopped at Denny's in Troy, MO before the concert.  I love, love, love Denny's and would go broke if there was one where I lived.  We went for the norm that day and just went for the Grand Slams.  

After the concert we went through the drive-thru at Jack-in-the-Box.  The food was good, minus the fries they forgot to give us.  The customer service was atrocious.  I'm almost positive the food attendant got a whiff of the reefer that floated through the concert crowd.  Dude was higher than a kite and chillin' like a villain.  Didn't have a care in the world....including a care about our order.

When we got to the concert, Logan and Shelby played a game of Cornhole and both won bug spray and phone chargers.

Help me, I'm sweating like a stuck pig!

It was hotter than the seventh level of Hell when we got there.  Our seats were in SS which I'm sure translates to Smoldering Sun.  We completely missed the first band playing, Bad Wolves, because US Cellular mobile data sucks and our tickets were on our cellies.  

After figuring out that fiasco, we settled in to watch Nothing More. I'd never heard of them before.  Most opening bands are crap but I was super impressed with this one.  They killed it!  I'd definitely pay to watch them again.

An intercession went on after they played so we went and bought inhumanely expensive drinks.  When we got back, we kinda cheated and took empty seats in the GG row.  It was 12 rows closer and under a fan.  Yeah, we're those people!

Next was Five Finger Death Punch.  I knew who they were but that's about it.  Wow, just wow!  They slayed it.  I didn't think it could get any better, but it did.  Breaking Benjamin came on for the last set and they rocked out with their socks out! 

I've been to a handful of rock concerts in my time and I have to say this one was the best.  The music, the atmosphere, and the theatrics were out of this world. 

As a semi-sorta side story, I know there's people of all walks of life at these concerts.  I don't judge.  EMS had their hands full with all the passed out people.  They won't be remembering the concert!  Anyhow, I actually prayed to sweet Jesus during the Breaking Benjamin set.  A dude that was tatted from head to toe stood in the seat behind us.  (forehead, eyebrows, chest, the works)  I swear he had no soul!  His eyes were blank and he didn't move.  Not once did he rock out.  I saw Satan's spawn in human form that night, and he freaked me out a little bit.  Other than that, it was a great time!
lead singer of FFDP

Have you attended any concerts this year?
Are you a fan of Nothing More, Breaking Benjamin, or Five Finger Death Punch?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad you were able to enjoy it (minus the heat) with your kids. I still go to concerts with my girls too, though they really wanted to go to a Panic At The Disco concert this year, unfortunately they were only touring in our area the week we were in Europe :(