Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - MaKynzee's Birthday

Because of my parent's age difference and remarrying a couple of times, I have more nieces and nephews than the average person my age.  And a lot of them have children of their own, giving me several great-nieces and great-nephews.  I'm close to most of them so there's no shortage of birthday parties at anytime throughout the year.

The birthday girl, with no shortage of gifts.

The most recently celebrated was for my great-niece, MaKynzee.  She turned six years old and had her birthday at the local gymnastics center.  I actually prefer parties there over a couple other "b-day spots" in town.
Madelyn doing a backbend.

The first hour was spent running, tumbling, jumping, and running the kids ragged.  The second hour was cake and ice cream, and watching MaKynzee open gifts.  

That's another family birthday in the books....until later today.  My granddaughter, Rahjae, turns 12 years old and I'm taking her out to eat.  Being given the choice to eat anywhere she wants, she's chosen KFC!  As she desires...

Two of my great-nephews, Alec and Harley.  

Do you have many nieces or nephews? 
Are certain months busier than others for birthday parties in your family?


John Smith said...

What a great cake! Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful celebration!

Renee said...

Love that mermaid cake, and wow! She racked up on nice gifts :) Good for her!
I have one niece, and she's grown so not too much pressure in the gift department for me. December is a busy month for birthdays in my house, which is unfortunate because everyone is already broke because of Christmas at that time!