Sunday, September 16, 2018

Love the Q: Veterans Home - #ForQuincy

 About a month ago I created a post about Love the Q, and event where over 600 volunteers from our church went out into the community and worked at 45 locations.  My first post talked about the Equestrian Team and what they did.  Now almost a month later (I'm a little slow on the uptake) I'd like to talk about how our team helped at the Illinois Veterans Home.
two members of the ROOTS team washing off park benches

Jason and I were site supervisors for IVH.  It was our responsibility to make sure everyone had needed supplies and knew their positions.  We actually put some physical labor in too.

Illinois Veterans home was in need of grounds maintenance with pulling weeds, tilling dirt, putting down mulch, and other "gardeny" stuff.

Kids got involved too!

People gathered rakes, hoes, shovels and other "gardeny" stuff (yep, said it again!) and got right to work.  There was a lot of ground to cover but it only took a few hours with the amount of people willing to help.

Kevin and Billy. 
Kevin took the role of golf cart passenger very seriously.

Later in the day the ROOTS team showed up.  ROOTS (Reaching Out for Opportunities To Serve) is a program spearheaded by the church.  It pairs volunteers up with the special needs population and has them come together for activities.  This was my third time working with ROOTS. 

Church Volunteers and ROOTS Team coming together to make a difference in the community

With some adult supervision, the ROOTS team went around the Illinois Vets Home and washed down the park benches and picnic tables.  As always, I had an absolute blast hanging out with them.  To finish off the day, we ate lunch with the ROOTS group with Walking Tacos.

Illinois Veterans Home is a large state facility that houses female and male veterans.  It was such a good feeling being able to help out and show that we care.  I went home that day high on life.
The Norton family pulling weeds

I'm posting about Love the Q for a few reasons.  For one, I want to remember it all.  For two, it left a huge impact on our community.  Thirdly, it might give you an idea or two of something you can do to help your neighbors.


An Apel a Day said...

This is all so great! I can see why you'd want to remember it all.

I have my kids in an organization called Banister Leadership Academy. Some kids are foster kids, others have single parents trying to make ends meet, and others are just troubled. My kids don't have any of those things. My sister thinks I'm nuts for putting them in their nightlife program. I think it's good for them. They need strong leader children to be good influences on the other kids. It's worked for my son Mica. He said, "I used to see kids that are troubled as not kids I'd want to hang out with at all. Now I see them that they too have good in them." I think that alone make it worth it!

Jenny Evans said...

Thanks for posting this!

Unknown said...

So wonderful, great way to help the community and do it as a family. I am needing to see what I could do to volunteer with our local veterans home. This is a great reminder.

Sue Hull said...

This is such a great thing to do for the community.I love churches that do this.There's quite a few that do it near where I live.There's nothing better by showing Gods love by helping clean up
do garde

Sue Hull said...

And do gardeny stuff.Lol!

jjmon2012 said...

That was a good thing that you all did. I think it is important for kids to get involved early in life with giving. I have several friends that have kids and each month they take/do something in the community.