Monday, October 15, 2018

Help & Hope by Text: Where Families Find Answers on Substance Abuse

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About 15 years ago, I had two very close family members who struggled with drug issues.  It impacted our family tremendously.  Thankfully, they got the help needed and have been clean many years.  My half-brother, Rick, also hung himself in a jail cell after being strung out on LSD.  This was 1977, and I never got the chance to know him. 

As you know, today’s opioid epidemic is a public health emergency beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, the needs of parents are often neglected by mainstream care. Every day more families turn to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids desperate for help and support.

That’s why they created Help & Hope by Text, a customizable, omni-channel mobile messaging initiative that provides personalized, ongoing mobile messaging support to parents who have a child struggling with heroin and other opioids. The platform is personalized to the needs of individual families and adapts as their circumstances change through a just-in-time adaptive intervention algorithm.

In addition to tailored messaging, parents can seamlessly connect with one of the Parent Helpline Specialists through the program at any time, if and when they’re ready.

Help & Hope by Text meets parents and families where they are and, in a place where they gather and digest information – on their mobile phones. It provides personalized hand-holding when parents need help the most. To sign up and learn how the program works, just visit this page and enter your mobile phone number – or, simply text JOIN to 55753.

Don't fight this battle alone!
Photo by Trey Gibson on Unsplash

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An Apel a Day said...

My older sister used to dive into drugs when we were teens. It was horrible! I felt so in the middle. I knew a lot about what she was up to, but was too scared to tell my parents thinking she would hate me forever. She got prego at 21, and spent a lot of time after having my niece going to parties. We still shared a room when I was home for college. So I'd get up with my niece in the middle of many nights to change her diaper, feed her, and put her back to bed. I did all that because her mom, my sister wasn't even home.

She also had a regular babysitting job, for my cousins. She lost it, and I gained it because she wouldn't show.

To this day whenever it's brought up that she was a difficult teen she won't admit it. I don't even bring it up. Anyone might bring it up. Somehow she turns it around to anything bad I did. I partied very little in comparison to her. Was I perfect? No. It really bugs me that she won't own up to what she did.

Theresa Mahoney said...

All 3 of my siblings struggle with addiction. It definitely puts a strain on family relations. I am not close with any of them and only get updates on their lives once in a blue moon when they post something on Facebook. However, I am close with most of their children (none of whom they have custody of) so at least they can see that there is one stable person in our family they can look up to.