Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Deer and Casseroles

Say hello to Tuesday by linking up at Stacy Uncorked and posting all your randomness.  Grandpuppy, Diamond, says so.
me and Shelby - never mind the creepy zombie baby

I spent both Friday and Saturday evening going to all the local haunted houses and haunted trails.  Went home Friday night and had the absolute worst nightmares.  I don't get scared going through them but my nightmares more than made up for it. But it didn't stop me from going again Saturday.

Traci and Shelby

My sister played her part again in the Whispering Oaks Haunted Forest.  I'm not sure but I think she was going for the dead female version of Slash.

Jason finally got his first kill of the year.  He got an 8-point buck with a crossbow.  It's actually his first kill ever.  He didn't start hunting until last year.  The antlers are already mounted on our wall.

Speaking of Jason, he had a little oopsie with the grinder yesterday.  He was underneath a truck trying to grind off an exhaust.  The grinder slipped and went a little crazy.  Miracle it wasn't worse than it was.  Jesus took the wheel on that one!
As part of fundraising efforts, Logan's Track and Cross Country Team has been going to Indiana every weekend.  It's a six hour drive up and six hours back.  They don't spend the night, so it makes for a long day.  A charter bus picks them up and takes them to do security at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football games.  To keep anonymity, Logan goes by the name of Sergio (with a name tag and all).  On the plus side, he gets to watch the games.

A couple weekends ago, Garth Brooks played two concerts in Indiana.  Logan Sergio was security for a VIP section so he got to see the concerts for free. 

Everyone left home super early Saturday morning and I was hangry.  So I made Green Bean Tuna Casserole for the win.  Breakfast of champions!!

How's your week been?
Have any plans for Halloween?


Allstarme79 said...

This year is the first Halloween we aren't doing an entire family theme dress-up. Only 2/3 of my kids are going out and my oldest is staying home with me to pass out candy. Granted, we leave at 6 am the next day to fly out of Orlando so the holiday just isn't a high priority!
Good thing your husband didn't get it any worse; wow!

Yvonne W. said...

Wow, he really got hurt! That looks very painful! That could have turned very scary fast! Yikes.
We don't hunt, but my Dad who lives in Alpena on Lake Huron, in Northern MI has 80 acres of hunting land and a hunting camp & has hunted my whole life.
I saw a cute quote that is so true on Facebook this morning that said "Watch out for deer" to people about to drive somewhere = "I love you" in Michigan. Haha. That is SO true! Deer/car accidents are much worse than I think a lot of people would imagine, I know, I've been in a couple.
We've been having fun with Halloween stuff too! My husband just celebrated his 52nd birthday on the 24th & since Halloween is his favorite holiday, his favorite way to celebrate every year is to do as many Halloween activities, dates, events, shows & sometimes even little trips or bucket list adventures focused on Halloween type things. So we've been having a LOT of fun with that as always & this year Trunk or Treat was extra fun too because now we have our 1st grandchild & he is 19 mos old so he understood more & was excited and having fun too! He loves Dr. Seuss so I decorated our trunk like Dr. Seuss characters (we won 1st prize!) and I dressed as The Cat in the Hat, PopPop dressed as Sam I am with green eggs and ham & Ashton & his Mama/our daughter dressed as Thing 1 & Thing 2. They looked SO cute.

messymimi said...

It certainly is a blessing Jason wasn't more seriously injured! Congratulations to him on his first buck, i hope the meat feeds the family for a long time.

"Sergio" is certainly brave, taking on the job of security guard in this day and age, you are probably very proud of him.

Enjoy your haunted houses, i will stay home and enjoy The Great Neighborhood Candy Exchange.

An Apel a Day said...

I'm so glad your husband was cut worse. That looks horrible!

Renee said...

I listened to Garth Brooks as a teenager and he is about the only country singer I can convince my kids to listen to now! He did some great things for my mom's friend and her son before he passed away at a young age and I'll always respect Garth for that!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Diamond is a beautiful puppy!!

Even though I'm partial to deer (I collect anything deer) I'm impressed with Jason's first kill of the year - I would love to have antlers for my wall! :D My grandpa used to make the *best* deer jerky ever - haven't had any since he passed.

OUCH! Poor Jason! So glad Jesus took the wheel and he didn't get hurt worse than he did. Scary!!

I'm a little jealous "Sergio" got to see Garth Brooks while working security! Sweet!!

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