Friday, November 9, 2018

Smile! Be Happy! Life Lessons From An Uncommon Housewife - Book Review

Book Overview:

Being a housewife is challenging - managing a home, assisting a husband in business, and raising four children (not to mention taking care of yourself), which is the focus of the inspirational new book “Smile! Be Happy! Life Lessons From An Uncommon Housewife” by Author/Mother/Wife and Health Coach Angela LaRosa, out now via Legacy Projects. 

 In the books introduction, Angela states “I have wanted to write this book for a long time, but never did because I considered myself in the eyes of society to be just an ordinary woman without the fame required to appeal to the masses” continuing “But then I came to realize that this is exactly why I should do this book - because as a suburban mother of four beautiful children, a happy housewife, and someone devoted to prayer and making the world around me a more positive and loving place, I may make a difference”. And that is certainly what she has done.

 In chapters from “The Basics” where she touches on topics like finding balance, prayer, faith, and common sense to “Children and Family” discussing raising a child with Autism, “Communicating Through Challenges” which addresses bullying, self expression, and more - “Smile! Be Happy!” certainly hits on topics all can relate to and learn from. Having brought hope and optimism to every aspect of her life, and with her bold and durable commitment to God, she enjoys a life of beautiful fulfillment and is now proud to share what she has learned.

About the Author:

 Angela LaRosa was born in Brooklyn, New York, to loving parents who unfortunately divorced when she was quite young. This triggered a litany of tragedies and loss - first, losing the security of an intact family, and then her “Mommy” in a tragic accident, which took her life. Angela moved to Queens with her father and stepmother, along with an amazing younger brother and sister, with occasional visits from her older brother who lived far away.

 As she developed into a young lady, Angela gained strength and wisdom from being exposed to many challenging situations, and she always searched for positive outcomes and solutions. For many years, she wore a smile on her face as a mask to protect herself and others from sadness. She believes this was one of her very first blessings in creating a happy life. Today, she feels her heavenly mother’s spirit constantly guiding and protecting her, along with the grace of God.

 Angela currently resides on Long Island with her wonderful husband, four beautiful children, and three dogs, surrounded by a close family and amazing friends. She feels blessed and believes that she can overcome any obstacle in her way with a positive attitude, a smile, and the love and protection of God and all her angels.

 Angela aims to project positivity into the world each day as she strives to help others live a happy life. She hopes that her story will encourage and inspire others to create a world of prayer, peace, and prosperity, while wearing an infectious smile.

My Review:

My life isn't perfect by any means and I'm okay with that. I'm not the accomplished housewife and I irk my husband and kids on a daily basis. I don't fit any cookie cutter mold. In fact, I'm pretty horrible at even using cookie cutters. I think that's partly why the author of Smile! Be Happy! Life Lessons From An Uncommon Housewife appeals to me so greatly. Her book is delivered with contemporary humor, positivity, and Godly advice, and love. 

The book is less than 100 pages but it covers many topics ranging from Love and Marriage to Children and Family.  The advice for each topic is short but contains good tips and practical application.  Even though the author has had traumatic experiences in life, she has chosen to focus on the positive and inspires readers to do the same.

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think many of us woman can relate to not being the most perfect wife and mother. We're all doing the best we can, so this book would probably touch home with most of us.

John Smith said...

The beautiful, satirical photos certainly show what utter bliss it is to be a housewife!