Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Christmas Night with ROOTS

me and John

One year ago this month my Small Group started working with the ROOTS (Reaching Out for Opportunities To Serve) Team at our church.  The program pairs volunteers up with the special needs population and has them come together for activities.  I've worked with ROOTS a handful of times now and it's been very rewarding.

Della was so happy to see Santa and tell what she wanted.

A couple weeks ago me and Jason worked with ROOTS once again to decorate 30 boxes and stuff them with food.  (A couple days later, the church took the filled boxes to needy families and handed them out.)

The first thing everyone did was stuff our faces with pizza and cookies.  Then each volunteer helped their Star Buddies decorate boxes with wrapping paper and stickers.  I don't do very well in the crafty department but we ended up making a couple boxes that were nice enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus taking a break to eat some pizza

Once a box was wrapped and decorated, we filled them with food.  Stuffing, gravy mix, cranberries, potatoes, green beans, brownie mix, and a turkey was put into each box.

some of the decorated boxes

Santa and Mrs. Claus even made an appearance.  No one was excluded from sitting on Santa's lap and telling what they wanted.  The night ended with Christmas songs and dancing.

The boxes may not have been Pinterest worthy, but they sure had a lot of heart and soul in them.

singing Christmas songs

Just a week prior to that, me and a friend worked with ROOTS at the local park.  It was Christmas Caroling night and the people of ROOTS are part of a bell choir called Unique Harmony.  A couple people weren't able to show up so me and Rhonda were impromptu substitutes.  Mind you, I'm not musically inclined.  

Luckily, the director led the bell choir by using flash cards.  Once a certain color was shown, it was that person's turn to ring the bell.  I made it out without messing up the music!

I'm excited for the next time we can get together and work together.

Jason with two Star Buddies

3 comments: said...

Love that you're involved with ROOTS. Glad it has been a rewarding experience for you. It's great that the group is doing so much for others. Keep it up! Happy holidays!

Nancy ♥

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think the boxes turned out lovely and I am sure they were very much appreciated by the recipients. I think ROOTS sounds like a wonderful organization and I'll look forward to hearing about the new projects you work with them on in the new year :)

Renee said...

Anything crafted with love and selflessness is Pin-worthy, imo <3