Sunday, December 2, 2018

Birthday Pet Profile - Misty

Just like Trader Jimmy said yesterday, my humans decided November 29th would be the universal birth day for me, the other cat, and the dog.  I'm the middle of the three and I just turned 4!  Here's some fun facts about me:

1.  I was born an outside barn cat.  I more than likely would have had that lifestyle if Terra hadn't mentioned she wanted a cat.  Jason was not keen on the idea and kept putting it down.  But his heart softened and he made contact with one of Terra's co-workers.  A mama cat had a litter of kittens and I was one of them.  In a nutshell, I was a surprise birthday gift to Terra four years ago.

2.  I'm pretentious and snooty.  I have no desire to be petted or loved, unless it's on my time.  I'm not mean; I'll just get up and walk away if you try to interact with me and I'm not feeling it.

3.  When I do want petted, it's more than likely when Terra is in bed asleep.  I like to nudge her head and meow softly to let her know it's okay to pet me.  #OnMyTerms

4.  If I'm feeling overly generous, I will give the dog an ear bath.  It happens about once a month.  Helen's not good at getting her ears cleaned so I take on the task.

5.  I don't mind my upper chest being rubbed but will start kicking fiercely if you mess with my stomach.  Just don't.

6.  I'm pretty lazy and not much amuses me.  Laser pointers entertain me but that's about it.  Other than that, I like to lay around or look out the window.
Resting Bitch Cat Face

7.  Terra has two nicknames for me - "Prettiest Kitty in the City" and "Witch".  She uses the latter more often than the former.

8.  My formal name, Misty, was given to me by Terra's co-worker.  She named and personalized a tag for me right before I was brought into the home.

9.  There's this one particular spot on the couch where I like to lay.  It's also Terra's favorite spot to sit.  She no sooner gets up from that spot, and I race right for it.


Charlotte Winters said...

So cute. I love Misty's resting bitch face.

Laura said...

What a cute cat! We have two cats. They're sweeties!

Renee said...

Misty looks lovely and regal and stuck up just like a good cat should :)