Friday, December 7, 2018

Personal Tips On How I Save Money

Purchased this NuWave Oven for only $30 at a consignment shop.  It normally sells for over $100.

There are some products and services that I will pay full price for just because I really like it or it's worth the price paid in full. However, I try to save money and pinch pennies in lots of ways. Here are some suggestions, ones that I use, to save money.

1. Plan your meals around whatever grocery items are on sale that week. - If tomato sauce, beans, and crackers are on sale then chili is one of the meals that will be served.

2. Get email alerts for stores you shop at. - Lots of times they will include discounts and savings for consumers signed up for the newsletters.
The Stuff Store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is my absolute favorite consignment shop.

3. Get your clothes at yard sales, thrift shops, or on sale. - With six kids who grew quickly and stained things up, I couldn't imagine paying an exorbitant amount of money on something just for the name. My kids wear brand name clothing, but I always get them on sale, at a yard sale, or even as hand-me-downs from others.

4. Buy gifts for the holidays and special occasions when they are on sale. - I buy gifts throughout the year. If someone's birthday isn't for a few months but I've found something at a great price they'll like, I'll buy that item and store it in the closet until the occasion arises.

5. Use coupons - I keep my coupons with me at all times. Sometimes stores will have items marked down without putting it in the circular or announcing it. For instance, there will be a clearance price on toothpaste and with coupons I have on hand, I can get it at a very deeply discounted price.

6.  Download the apps - A lot of stores these days are offering discounts, coupons and freebies when you download their app.  I also receive text alerts from stores and, often times, receive codes for discounts from them.

7.  Sign up for birthday freebies. - Many restaurants offer free food of some sort when you sign up for their emails and enter your birthday.  My birthday is in just a few days and I've already received $5 from Kmart, free ice cream from Culver's, and a free large soda from AMC.
Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

Are any of these tips helpful to you, or do you implement them already?
I'm interested in your tips. Do you have any that you think would be helpful for me?


Laura said...

I do a lot of these also! Every little bit helps. I also like to purchase items used (from thrift stores, buy and sell sites, etc.) because it is better for the environment.