Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Shelving Store: Save 11% on Wall Shelves
When wintertime rolls around, some of us try to make the most of it by actually spending more time outdoors. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, the list goes on. A bevy of wintertime activities exist to help the more outdoorsy among us shake off the winter blues and stay active, but as with all outdoor sports and activities, there sure is a lot of stuff you need to partake in them.

This stuff can start to pile up, especially if you don’t really have a good place to keep it. Whether you’re putting it away for the year or just looking for a better way to safely stash it all after getting home from the slopes, The Shelving Store has a wide selection of wall shelves and wire shelving to keep the equipment neatly organized.

Save 11% on Wall Shelves
Offer expires 12/16/18

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A. B. said...

Just about every day I struggle with needing more basic storage and "places to put things away." I have very little furniture, and almost no shelving. I'm interested in a lot of what is featured at The Shelving Store (e.g., wall shelving). Thanks for the post!
--Ann B.