Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - Holiday Spirit

easy felt craft project I put together

This is the first year in three that I've been in the holiday spirit.  The Grinch got his heart back! 

The first year I was busy taking care of my ill mother, the second year she passed away, and last year I was still grieving.  

covered the canvas prints in wrapping paper and attached little bows

This year, I'm back in the holiday spirit.  I'm not one of those people who go all-out or create Christmas themes but I did manage to decorate a little around the house.

Christmas card holder

I even went so far as to send out a few Christmas cards.  So far, I've only received three.  I wish people were still interested in sending and receiving cards.

Ten stockings waiting to be opened by the six kids, two granddaughters, husband and son-in-law

Got the Christmas clothes from my head to my toes.

My Christmas tree is actually quite ugly.  It's a fake that needs a lot of improvement.  But, with a little ingenuity, I think it turned out quite all right.  I have several ornaments that I've collected throughout the years and most of them have special meaning.  I'm also big on personalized ornaments.

The only holiday candy I've made is coated pretzels.

How about you?  Are you in the Christmas spirit?
What kind of ornaments do you have on your tree?
What candies and cookies have you made for the holidays?


Sue Hull said...

Oh yum! I want some of those yummy looking pretzels. Lol! I love chocolate covered pretzels,well actually I love anything covered in chocolate. I love Christmas and I also have a fake tree. It's about 4 ft tall. It fits perfect on my table. My niece and my granddaughter decorated it. Your tree is pretty.

deedee43 said...

Your tree is beautiful!!Thanks for the post!