Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Super Bowl Sermon Better Than the Real Deal

Clayton taking his turn on stage

Every year, during Super Bowl weekend, our church has a one-off sermon called 30-Second Theology.  Our two Senior Pastors have absolutely no prep time and have to watch commercials from the previous year's Super Bowl.  They have to come up with a 3-minute takeaway on how that commercial can relate to Jesus or the Bible.  Those two are spot on every year!  I'm amazed with what they can come up with on the fly.

A big Super Bowl spread of food and Walking Tacos is available for everyone before and after service.  Attendees are encouraged to wear their football jerseys.  It's a ton of fun, but doesn't dismiss the real reason why we're at church.

This year the pastors were caught off guard when they started noticing signs and Fat Heads of their faces being held up.  They had no idea that was going to happen.  I'm not a football fan (except on Super Bowl Sunday) so I broke out an old roller derby referee shirt.

Are you #TeamJerry or #TeamClayton?

Okay, so, I have to admit I had more fun at the sermon than I did watching the Super Bowl.  I was rooting for the Rams simply because I wanted someone other than the Patriots to win A.G.A.I.N but neither team played real great.  I can't say much about the commercials because that's when I took the opportunity to do dishes.  (livin' the high life)  It was just me and Jason and a pound of bacon.

As for the Halftime Show, I've seen better and I've seen worse.  I'd give it a solid 5.  Maroon 5 wasn't too awful bad and the special effects would be cool in person, I think.  Adam's got a bod to be jealous of, but it wasn't really necessary for him to take his shirt off.  I feel like he low-key did it because he knew he'd get a rise out it.

So much attention was on Maroon 5 (and Adam's t-shirt resembling Home Goods decor) that not much was said about Travis Scott.  I was totally put off by him.  It was the first time I've heard his musical talent and he has the ability to rap but I wanted to hear music, not words being bleeped out.  And, I'm almost sure I heard him say the "N" word more than once.  Completely turns me off, even if you're someone of the race who has the okay to say it.

So there's my take on the Super Bowl.  Did you watch it?
Did the team you were rooting for win?
Been to church lately?  ;)


Sparkles and Lattes said...

That is really cool to have a sermon based on the Super Bowl. I am always there for the food on game days!!! Ha.