Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wordful Wednesday - My Son's Big Move

Riding in the back seat of a truck, using toilet paper and clothes as a pillow.

Most of my family lives fairly close.  Very few of us are further than three hours driving distance.  A lot of us even live in the same town.  Leave it for my kid to be the one to take off on new life adventures...12  hours away!  #HappyForHim #SadForMe

Adam getting gas in Kentucky

Last week's Wordful Wednesday highlighted some of the touristy stuff we did.  I feel like we drove more than anything but it was nice being able to get Adam settled in his new home. 

It's not a dead body, just a sleeping Shelby

At one point, we were bushwhacked and decided to take a nap in a Virginia Wal-Mart parking lot for an hour an a half.  I find it odd that not one person found it odd that something resembling a corpse wrapped in a sheet was in a passenger seat of a truck.  
Also not a dead body.  Just Shelby (again) taking a nap on Adam's floor.

Adam is a bachelor so he doesn't own a whole lot.  We were able to take it all up with his dad's truck pulling a U-Haul trailer.  Advice for movers: Drive a truck with power steering.  It will save tons of headache and expletives.  #LessonLearned
Also note: Sectional couches are heavy as hell.

Adam laying on the sectional couch that was almost the death of me

A few months ago, a friend of a friend asked Adam's dad if he knew any experienced welders.  Lo and behold, Adam fit the bill.  Thus, the reason for the move.  Living in Tennessee and working in Virginia.  Just a few hours into hitting TN, Adam met with a landlord and started rent on a two-bedroom house.

I'm all for going there from time to time to visit, but it sure is different than having him live in the same city.


Lauren said...

Aw, that must be tough having your son so far away. Definitely a good way to get some vacay days in so you can visit, and I'm glad you were able to do the move with him - I'm sure it was a nice bonding time overall. :)


desitheblonde said...

when i ws kid my mom was glad to get me out but them she missed the money