Saturday, December 28, 2019

Heck of A Christmas 2019: Round 1

my granddaughter, Aryana

Aryana was kind enough to let my oldest daughter wear her crown while getting a picture with her new Air Fryer.

When you have no room to hang nine stockings, you compromise and zip tie them to the curtain rods.

Wow, Christmas was a whirlwind this year!  Having six kids who live in different places and work different hours, we had to do Christmas in split shifts.  

son-in-law, George

my granddaughter, Rahjae, with our dog.  

Our first gathering was held in my home for my oldest daughter, her husband, and my two granddaughters.  Jason cooked deer/beef chili and we catered to Aryana's request of a tea party.

me donning a Rudolph onesie

My daughter gifted me these two VHS tapes.  She located them at a thrift store.  These two shows were on endless loop when the kids were young.  I don't even own a VHS player now, but I love the memories it brings back.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, what a fun gift! It sounds like you had a great Christmas - even if you had to split up the get-togethers. :)


MaryAnn said...

Love this post. We had several different Christmas rounds as well. You do what you have to sometimes.